Ritual Attire

Hey All,

I am curious about what others here wear for their rituals. Does anyone feel robes are necessary? I do my rituals a la Works of Darkness, wearing simple black pants and no shirt, but am not sure if it would be appropriate for angelic or elemental works so I thought, why not ask the forum?

So I pose the question: What do you wear for your rituals?

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Black is a neutral color for most forms of rituals. I can’t remember the exact reasoning behind it, I think it helps create an internal barrier for energy or something along those lines.

Angels and elementals can be evoked just fine while wearing black as well. The color is for the operator, not the evoked, generally speaking.

I have a black ritual robe with dark purple lining I like to wear

A key part of this is that he “likes” it. Your ritual attire, among other attributes, helps get you in the mood and mindset. This isn’t the only attribute it brings, but a very useful one.

I have a black changshan that I wear as a robe. I think its pretty important to have some specific ritual outfit, it does really put you in the right head space, also considering that my robe gets covered in chalk, candle wax and perpetually smells of incenses it is good to have that protective layer over my regular clothes (or body depending on the temperature)

Eh mine has blood stains and smells like cherry because i get my red candles at walmart

I don’t wear anything… It saves me the mind trouble of worrying if I’m catching something on fire pr knocking things over with loose fabric. When i transition into a rapture I start rocking and moving… If I must wear clothes then a comfortable pair of pants like black yoga pants and a tight fit top for the same reasons stated before about catching on fire from candles. Even if I am outside I don’t bother with much on knowing that I will begin to sweat shortly after the evocation begins…

I keep it simple. I usually wear black jeans and a black hoodie. I always pull my hood up when I’m evoking. I’d like to get a black robe with a hood and a gateway of pacts on the forehead part of the hood. I like having my hood up, something feels right about that.

In my own personal rituals, I usually follow Crowley’s advice: “With naked breast and feet unshod, I follow the wizard way to God.”

If you haven’t read the poem “Wizard Way,” it’s really one of his best (seconded by Leah Sublime… but that’s just the fetishist in me!)

He had learnt the elvish sign;
Given the Token of the Nine:
Once to rave, and once to revel,
Once to bow before the devil,
Once to swing the thurible,
Once to kiss the goat of hell,
Once to dance the aspen spring,
Once to croak, and once to sing,
Once to oil the savoury thighs
Of the witch with sea-green eyes

…‘Leah Sublime’ is off the MotherFucking Chain! lol. :slight_smile:

‘Leah Sublime’ by: Aleister Crowley

Leah Sublime,
Goddess above me!
Snake of the slime
Alostrael, love me!
Our master, the devil
Prospers the revel.
Tread with your foot
My heart til it hurt!
Tread on it, put
The smear of your dirt
On my love, on my shame
Scribble your name!
Straddle your Beast
My Masterful Bitch
With the thighs of you greased
With the Sweat of your Itch!
Spit on me, scarlet
Mouth of my harlot!
Now from your wide
Raw cunt, the abyss,
Spend spouting the tide
Of your sizzling piss
In my mouth; oh my Whore
Let it pour, let it pour!
You stale like a mare
And fart as you stale;
Through straggled wet hair
You spout like a whale.
Splash the manure
And piss from the sewer.
Down to me quick
With your tooth on my lip
And your hand on my prick
With feverish grip
My life as it drinks—
How your breath stinks!
Your hand, oh unclean
Your hand that has wasted
Your love, in obscene
Black masses, that tasted
Your soul, it’s your hand!
Feel my prick stand!
Your life times from lewd
Little girl, to mature
Worn whore that has chewed
Your own pile of manure.
Your hand was the key to—
And now your frig me, too!
Rub all the much
Of your cunt on me, Leah
Cunt, let me suck
All your glued gonorrhea!
Cunt without end!
Amen! til you spend!
Cunt! you have harboured
All dirt and disease
In your slimy unbarbered
Loose hole, with its cheese
And its monthlies, and pox
You chewer of cocks!
Cunt, you have sucked
Up pricks, you squirted
Out foetuses, fucked
Til bastards you blurted
Out into space—
Spend on my face!
Rub all your gleet away!
Envenom the arrow.
May your pox eat away
Me to the marrow.
Cunt you have got me;
I love you to rot me!
Spend again, lash me!
Leah, one spasm
Scream to splash me.
Slime of the chasm
Choke me with spilth
Of your sow-belly’s filth.
Stab your demoniac
Smile to my brain!
Soak me in cognac
Cunt and cocaine;
Sprawl on me! Sit
On my mouth, Leah, shit!
Shit on me, slut!
Creamy the curds
That drip from your gut!
Greasy the turds!
Dribble your dung
On the tip of my tongue!
Churn on me, Leah!
Twist on your thighs!
Smear diarrhoea
Into my eyes!
Splutter out shit
From the bottemless pit.
Turn to me, chew it
With me, Leah, whore!
Vomit it, spew it
And lick it once more.
We can make lust
Drunk on disgust.
Splay out your gut,
Your ass hole, my lover!
You buggering slut,
I know where to shove her!
There she goes, plumb
Up the foul Bitch’s bum!
Sackful of skin
And bone, as I speak
I’ll bugger your grin
Into a shriek.
Bugger you, slut
Bugger your gut!
Wriggle, you hog!
Wrench at the pin!
Wrench at it, drag
It half out, suck it in!
Scream, you hog dirt, you!
I want it to hurt you!
Beast-Lioness, squirt
From your Cocksucker’s hole!
Belch out the dirt
From your Syphillis soul.
Splutter foul words
Through your supper of turds!
May the Devil our lord, your
Soul scribble over
With sayings of ordure!
Call me your lover!
Slave of the gut
Of the arse of a slut!
Call me your sewer
Of spilth and snot
Your fart-sniffer, chewer
Of the shit in your slot.
Call me that as you rave
In the rape of your slave.
Fuck! Shit! Let me come
I’ve spent in your bum.
Shit! Give me the muck
From my whore’s arse, slick
Dirt of my prick!
Eat it, you sow!
I’m your dog, fuck, shit!
Swallow it now!
Rest for a bit!
Satan, you gave
A crown to a slave.
I am your fate, on
Your belly, above you.
I swear it by Satan
Leah, I love you.
I’m going insane
Do it again!

By Aleister Crowley, © 1909, All rights reserved.


Gotta love poetry that incorporates gonorrhea.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy myself usually barefoot. Something comfortable that lets me focus on the task at hand.

For meditations I rock the sweats and and t-shirt. For full on ritual it is fifty-fifty nude or my 1%er riding gear, depends on the reason for the ritual and my mood.

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I usually wear Tai Chi slacks and a T shirt…just so I can feel comfortable and not worry about flames as mentioned. I had been considering getting a robe though to get more into the ritual…

And EA I didnt know you were kink… Rock on!

Purple robe, bare feet. No hood. Black sash(belt) when indoors.
Black hooded robe. Purple sash(belt), black Danner boots when I’m outside.