Ritual : Amducius weather control


2 green candles
A few branches of pine
A few branches of ivy vines
Incense ( I used rose) because that’s what I got on hand , but will be getting some pine incense .
2 eggs
Some blood

Praise for his granting of weather control!


Make a star shaped (preferably 5 star shape with single point upward) with the pine branches. In the middle of this shape make a nest of ivy with the 2 eggs at the center with a Kleenex of a few drops of blood. ( this is an offering).

Light the incense and candles . Call upon him and make your request.

                     That’s it. 

Tell him all this is for him and that you’ll give him public praise and a larger offering once the goal has manifested.let others know how easy he is to work with and how kind he is to the sincere portioner.

On my end I’m offering store bought chicken hearts since what he did was so close to my heart. Also some black candles and possibly done alcohol.

He really is kind and will help if you are sincere and respectful. The need however must be genuine, don’t evoke simply to see if it works, do it if there is a need.

Best regards ,