Rites of prayer to the kings: King Paimon, Lucifer and Ningishzidda!

These are rites that I created myself as prayers to these kings. I also created them as an offering for them. Feel free to use them to pray to them or even honor them.


The lord, the true king of lords. Knowledge and wisdom he has, he who guided his kin.
His evergreen knowledge will spread, the power of old he will awaken.
The son of the morning star, he will come to save his kin at the end of times.
Healing and wisdom he can teach, knowledge and power he has gainned.
There, in the halls of Amenti he rests, until it’s time for his walk on Earth.
Let no human speak ill of him, for he is the new lord of Earth, the king who earned his father’s favor.
Let us glow in his arms, let us learn from his wisdom, let us feel his love for his children.
All hail the new king!

King Paimon:

King Paimon, the king of king and master of masters.
The king of the thousand armies, the master of the thousands of servants.
Let him teach you and guide you, in the dark night he will show you the way to the masters of the world.
He will help you gain your light and your right to once again rule.
Let him show you the way back home and with his kin unite once again, under terms of acceptance as an equal.
His power ever growing, join him or not, a reward he has for all.
A king not of tyranny, but of kingship.
All hail the king of kings!


Lucifer, the star of the morning, the light in the dark, the lord of the planet, the father of the children, the scientist of the religions.
He shall never leave, he shall never turn his back on our cause, for he is the one and true father to our kin.
Let him show you the ways of old and guide you to the land that the gods once lived.
Follow him to the lands of the children of Anu, where he will return with his brothers to once again help the children of men.
Grace to the lord of men and gods alike, he gains power and gives it away, without feeling greed nor darkness.
Let us fall for his love and follow him to our new homeland.
All hail our divine father, the man from the stars who is both man and god!