Rite to drain me of my energy

I am looking for an easy to teach rite to teach to a sorceress / wizardess / witch so they can use it on me to drain me of my excess energy with physical contact and emotional manipulation.

Just visualize an astral cord going from you to the other person, or even an object ( like a Phylactery, to store your energy ). Then use intention and visualization to send the energy out of you and into the person/object.

CAREFUL. If you have that much energy, you might just end up driving them insane. My teacher used to have the same problem. Sought out vamps to drain tge excess energy and they’d happily abide, only to go nuts cause it was too much to handle amd they’d end up doing crazy shit like filing down their teeth or shredding up their tongues or some shit like that. Only one who pulled it ifd right was her master. Dude was a pro. He was old but looked like 30 and had the vitality of a teenager. Acted like an old ass man though even though he TRIED to act young and physically was young. There was just no getting around his grandpa personality. He made lame ass dad jokes n shit. Whole kit and caboodle. Anyway, the dude used enchanted items and had her charge them and would only use as much as needed from them in emergency situations.

After she left the order, she had to find another way to discharge the energy. Found out that putting it all into her purpose basically made use of it and made her a stronger person and a stronger adept. Just find your sense of purpose (I know, easier said than done right?) And channel the energy into that. Seemed to work for her.

Hope that helps.


Also, if you can put the energy into the enchantment of a magical item, why not enchant your own items, charge them and use the energy to oower spells? Sounds useful to me. Why feed a vampire in exchange for a service you could PROBABLY provide yourself?


I understand, but I am refraining from attempting to discharge my energy into a purpose because I did not pick sane purposes that last few times I did it. I also can’t go all of the way crazy because I am deeply conflicted. I feel I need some scaffolding.

There are many techniques on the internet. Also why not ask your spirit guides for help/guidance?

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Perhaps find a way to charge talismans with your energy instead and save it for a later working then? I dunno. Just throwing ideas at the dartboard so to speak shrug

Edit: Tell you what, PM me.

@Oflameo I would be VERY careful when asking a forum full of amoral sorcerers to “drain your energy”. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

I worded my request quite specifically.

@Oflameo Oh? Doesn’t matter. You are lowering your defenses to random vampiric links by giving permission. Have you thought about what could happen if more then one person should “take you up on your offer”? More then 3? more then 10?

I would instead suggest you practice grounding techniques… and perhaps at this point use that excess energy to put up protections

No I didn’t. Read my OP again. Do you know any grounding techniques?

Channeling too much energy into objects can create poltergeist activity and draw spirits to your home and cause one to possibly latch on to you. It’s not the best idea. You could do an ex invocation where you channel energy outwards for a positive cause. Invocation is channeling into yourself an energy from a chosen source. Ex invocation is channelinc out of your being. Also this controversy has to do with what type of energy you are handling as well, so yes a transmutation of your energy to a higher vibration may be nessecary. Some could say you could channel the energy back into existence itself for example the core of the Earth where the energy is neutralised through visualisation and meditation and is transmitted into love to fuel existence and creation and help it be replenished. Doing this everyday would help for certain. The longer you meditate the more energy you release. :slight_smile: I hope this helps.

I think I may have that issue already depending on how I interpret the experience.

I feel that there is no such thing as interpretation. This is a general principle. Just because you speculate a possiblity doesnt mean it will manifest, unless you will it to.

I have no tests to tell the difference between a poltergeist, a deity, and an egregore I created subconsciously.

Invoke depression.

Subconcious egregores are egogores

Or… Alternatively, one can ex invoke in order to help CURE depression in others.

I figured out the rite though divination.

I ask them to role play as a pop star and then (ask / beg) them to use my body and mind aid her pleasure.