Rite Of Transubstantiation [Simple Alchemical Rite]

This is a simple way to transmute a drink into An Alchemical Elixir by destroying it’s Casual\Genetic Memory and structuring a new Matrix for it.

The Rite

Hold the liquid in your hands and feel its energy. Focus on The Fire Element and push it into the drink using your mind and breath.

Focus your thoughts on burning the astral matrix of the drink out of it and destroying it’s memory.

There is a distinct sensation that arises when you do this.

Afterwards, sense and see the drink as being a blank Slate and start to construct a Demonic Matrix for the Liquid.

For this, you could invoke the power of an Entity such as Satan and use your breath to push that energy and power into the liquid.

Pull Infernal energy into the matrix and focus your thoughts on awakening the matrix and solidifying it.

Then stop and wait a few moments to bring yourself back to normal.

Afterwards, drink the liquid and feel the power.



Might I add…you can also heat any liquid over heat and stir clockwise and program it by thought and drink afterwards. Especially water, which is #1 info carrying liquid.
If stirring a medicinal brew, I might say, “reduce swelling…” or if making a salt water, might say, “let none invited pass through you…”
In this, you may imbue it with whatever command you like.

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Would you say something like “i am more attractive to who I am attracted to” or something as a simple love potion?

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if they were drinking it…yes

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Giving them a few glasses of wine will also do that! lolz

Ok so overall this is manipulated just like any spell to achieve your desired outcome. Got it.

Should be noted that fire element is actually really not needed unless the liquid has been contaminated by a strong energy already. Generally water is pretty neutral and leaving the fire element in there can have adverse effects especially using demonic energy in conjunction with it not something I recommend without a means to ground yourself due to the destructive emotions it can create. It is only really necessary to breathe vital force programmed with intent into the water or other liquid or specific elements if those properties are desired.

I hadnt taken into account other elements. As Ive not utilized it when programming water, I cannot comment towards that aspect. It it something one might take note of.

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Well it can give beneficial properties of the elements and enhance aspects of the body and mind related to the elements but if too much is used or used too often without keeping the internal balance of elemental energies it can create energetic imbalances that can be quite nasty if not corrected. Extreme concentrations of fire in food or water I have heard can cause hallucinations and uncontrolled clairvoyance due to the elements connection to astral sight and air can enhance mental and telepathic faculties and I know from experience that a high concentration even in the atmosphere can create an effect remarkably similar to adderal.

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Interesting…Ive never experimented that way!

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Important thing to remember is while condensing the element in food and drink is effective to quickly get large doses or very specific combinations without having to mentally hold them all at once you can attain the same effects by directly breathing in the elemental energy or infusing the atmosphere of a room in high enough quantities.

If you get imbalanced in one element a quick fix is to even it out with the opposite but later you will want to do work to balance all the elements in your body. Franz Bardon gives a simple exercise of condensing earth in the legs, water in the lower torso, air in the chest and fire in the head and maintaining an equal charge of those at once for a period of a few minutes before releasing them. That serves to set a good neutral balance usually.

Much like pita imbalance in ayurveda.

I am not familiar with the specifics of ayurveda myself but I imagine there are analogies that can be made.

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@Micah have you experimented with other elements within your rite to differentiate results for each? Id be interested in the results for all the elements.

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Not as of yet @Kulina8
Although I do plan to experiment more :ok_hand:

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Do, please. Let us know your results for each.

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I will
The results will continue to shine and be displayed whether it’s a failure or success :ok_hand:

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well…youll never know unless you try! :slight_smile:

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