Rite of Healing: For the Healers among us

This rite will Initiate the Healers among us into deeper levels of ability and stronger power for whatever task you feel like you were assigned. It will also strengthen your Intuition and abilities to do Hard Healing more than Soft Healing.

Soft Healing is about creating a comfortable space to do healing work in and also about being gentle and easy with a client when working on their energy bodies. This is important because not everyone can handle the full force of energy work.
You have to meet them where they are.

Hard Healing is when you apply full spiritual strength to blockages or lifelong/childhood issues in either yourself or your client. This is very uncomfortable and shakes up deep trauma at extreme levels. But it brings about true growth and advancement.
It calls upon Mastery of the power of Destruction, applied with Love and Precision.

I myself resonate as a healer regardless of how I act and seem on the outside. So if this helps me, I know it’ll help y’all.

The Rite

Meditate on your Chakras all the way to the third Eye and vibrate OM repeatedly into the Atmosphere, thus cleansing it.

When you feel cleansed vibrate the Name of Belanus, the God of Healing and Light as such:

BELANUS!! (9x)

Feel his power entering you and restoring you at extremely deep levels. Feel the psychic and emotional burnout be quenched by his healing power.

I conjure the forces, vibrations, and energies of Healing both Light and Dark; Celestial and Demonic. Enter me now and bring healing to my whole body, soul, mind, and spirit.

Feel the forces enter you restoring you to full power and your capabilities to full potential.

I call upon the Melchizedek Priesthood to confer upon me the blessing to heal the sick, raise the dead, to bless with the touch of the Spirit guided by my hand, and to restore life where there is none.

Turn your thoughts towards instant healing and feel your being shake to awakening.

Feel your psychic abilities open up fully and feel yourself no longer vulnerable to your own empathy.

Now sit and meditate on the Earth Element and let it feed you and nourish you. Feel your Aura firm and strong and your boundaries firmly in place, chakras aligned, and your energy within you.

Ground yourself and feel your root chakra Magnetically hooked to the ground.

Afterwards, stand up, close the rite and go about your life.

If Adepts push this to it’s Zenith, then who knows…
We may be able to restore limbs and stop critical injuries if we combine it with structuring :smirk::ok_hand:


That’s fuckin awesome man
I am interested at the moment powers of healing as my self
It would be great to expiriment with resorting limbs

According to the book of azazel
The demon “eshtalishtu”
Its a demon of alchemy it is said that he can help you transform visualisation into real physical matter
I think eshtalishtu can help with restoring


Micah can you post more on the topic of healing, I would like toturials and rituals of energetic and chakra healing


I agree with Xag_darklight! Micah would you be able to write some tutorials and such for healing for us please? Thanks in advance!