Rite of Deification

Hello everyone; in a few days possibly next weekend. I will be undergoing the Rite of Deification by J.S. Garret. I’m looking forward to this as I hope that it’ll restore some abilities that I may have lost a while back. In fact, as I listen to the recording between Garret and J.D. Temple. I’ve realized that my path not only started out in a very similar fashion as Temple but have also fallen into the same rut as he did and the Rite of Deification helped him out significally. So, here’s to hoping that it’ll do the same for me. I’ll update everyone after the rite has been performed and what all happened. If you’ve gone under the rite feel free to share your experience on here as well. Later!


I thought everyone would like to know that I’ll be undergoing the rite tonight between midnight and 3. I’ll post my experiences after the rite and the next week so everyone can get a feel as to how this works and what they can expect if they choose to go through it.


Hey everyone; so here’s a few things that the Rite of Deification has done for me in the last few days since it was done. One thing that I’ve definietly noticed is that my back doesn’t bother me that much anymore. With me working 9-10 hrs a day would take a huge toll on my back and cause pains and aches especially; with my thighs being overdeveloped compared to my back. On the night after the ritual was completed. I felt this warm surge in my back which I think is why I don’t experience that much back pain right now even through the week while working. I think that’s where most of the energy went. I also at times don’t feel that tired anymore right now. I suffer from Chronic Fatigueness and that also kind of helped it. I’ll still yawn every now and then but that’s natural. You know how they say it’s contagious to yawn in front of people because they’ll end up doing it? Well, that’s why, but even though I do I don’t feel sluggish and tired all the time like I used to. It all depends on how much sleep I get. I’ve also noticed a change in my body fat as well. This might seem debatable but my skin feels more tighter now around my hips and stomach. I used to be a heavy guy, (overweight) and even though I did put some weight back on. My skin does feel tighter as if all that excessive skin that you get after losing weight has just gone or tightened up and I haven’t worked out in a long while now. I don’t know how it has effected my rituals yet but we’ll find out this weekend since that’s the only time I’m able to do them is on the weekend with me working 3rd shift right now but will update this weekend and let you know. Later!


Keep us informed!
For some reason, this particular subject has really got my attention.


So, what’s the latest on the effects of the rite of deification?


Hi guys; sorry I haven’t posted any updates lately on this rite. Been very busy here these last couple of weeks. Nothing else has really changed since my last update. I’ve been asked if anything has changed in my magic as in like trance rise or anything like that? As of right now, I haven’t felt or experienced any changes since I haven’t been able to practice any of my magic lately due to having work the weekends here the last couple of weeks and as I said last time, I work 3rd shift which is quite frustrating for me in terms of not being able to practice my magic. Though, I’ll say it right now. I think Lilith understands that and why she is helping and inspiring me to take back my freedom and independence by becoming a business man and knows that once that’s accomplished. I’ll be able to dedicate myself daily to my magic. However; one thing I have noticed is that when I meditate, I find myself falling easier into a meditative trance, so I guess that’s a plus for the time being. If anything else changes I’ll post it here. Later!


@Ryu darkness I live in the city and don’t have secluded woods to do the ritual in, what suggestions do you have?

He is reporting on having had the ritual done for him by J.S. Garrett. I collaborated with another person for this. If you are not able to perform the ritual outdoors then you’d be only killing an animal for nothing, if you didn’t find some way to transmute its life force and blood into a spiritual equivalent. This is done through fire. The campfire utilizes the fire element to deliver the lifeforce into the ether for the recipient’s spirit to absorb and carry back to the physical body. I speak from experience as operator of this ritual. That’s why J.S. Garrett offers it as a ritual for hire- because not everyone is able to work with another magician to do this for one another.


@J.A.Ragnarson I just sent you a PM on this very subject. If memory serves you did this ritual for other members before, yes?

Just to clarify, other members have freely contacted me to collaborate, but I dont advertise that. BALG author J.S. Garrett offers that service. I’ve recently spoken with him directly and definitely recommend him to everyone, as I did when I shared my video review.


Do you have a high level of confidence in the requirement of fire for this rite?

Yes I do. Although if you have other suggestions I’m open to hearing them. I’d also recommend running them by J.S. through Facebook messenger since he is pretty open to talking about it. What other options do you suggest?

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I will have to find a suitable location due to the fire requirement. That’s the only reason I ask.
I intend to perform this rite for the benefit of an unsuspecting relative… and never tell him about it.

Also, I’m considering this ritual as a means to power a servitor. What do you think of that?

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I can’t share my response publicly because it would give away my current life’s work haha. I’ll PM you @FraterRibeye

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I wanna know!:joy:

As the person doing the ritual for deification for someone is gonna evoke your higher self and make the offering to empower you, that what I understand so far :stuck_out_tongue:

It is already possible for anyone of us to evoke our own higher self. So in a sense anyone could do the deification ritual for oneself :wink:

I hope im making sense here :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be quite helpful with the ritual. Id like to know why you would use this ritual to empower a servitor inside of the person did you plant this servitor beforehand?

The ritual is done by evoking the person themselves then making a blood sacrafice to empower that persons astral self or higher self

Thats what Im saying if someone can evoke your higher self and make blood offerings, you ecome powerful.

But my point is you can evoke your higher self and make the offerings blood or not. That would sure make you powerful.

am i right?? :stuck_out_tongue:

From my understanding you are evoking their living spirit or astral maxtrix of the person into the circle not the higher self. Hence the advice of not being too active at the time of the ritual. From what some of the people who have received it have posted the state of the recipient is one of light to intense trance like state of being disconnected to the body.

You would be essentally projecting yourself into a circle to receive energy with no one to complete the ritual if you did it yourself as the physical body you be inactive while your mind inhabited the astral. At least that is how it sounds.

I’ll find out the specifics when the book comes in the next few days.