Rite of Consecration of self [ Path Of Smoke ]

Last night I did my usual workings of the BMOA, but I did all of these things at once, emanated the rays of the black sun, then became the black sun, then peered into drugaskan, then spoke rouse domar and dehak, then I spoke the litany of the black sun, then performed calling the Divs from arezura.

All of a sudden ahriman spoke and told me that the chapter of the rite of Consecration can be placed upon the sorcerer as a crooked baptism, allowing the powers of the Divs, Ahriman, Az Jahi, the black sun, the power of arezura and the eternal darkness to be enveloped in all parts of self.

This seems to be a ahrimanic baptism, I can’t wait to try this will soon let you all know how it goes.


I performed this rite upon my daughter when she was brought home from the hospital so she could carry the gnosis.
The best way to perform it upon self would be to draw the Seals of Arezura on your chest. Then focus the Kunda force upon the seals as you recite the consecration.
In theory this could be done monthly, as an example as spiritual “hygeine”. The effects would theoretically accumulate over time.


Strange I saw something similar in mind while planning out the mechanics of the rite itself and Thats dope brother.


I find it very interesting as that was taken out of the book. However, it does validate that you have hooked directly into the current in an intense way. Maybe it is good that rite was not published?


You may consider evocation to gain rites of sorcery. I plan on doing an Ahrimanian Anthology. It must be HUGE! I will be contributing another book to it myself.


I agree I felt like it was a secret hidden in the tome itself as Ahriman described there are secretes in your works that can still be uncovered.

I also greatly anticipate your release.


Decided to combine this with my weekly activation of blackened fire since it needed to get done today. Body feels like a cold heat is swirling through me. Similar to the effects of rousing domar and dehak but through every pore. May consider making it part of my weekly regiment with the activation and experiment with it.


Almost like calling the Divs from arezura that absolute obsidian darkness of ahriman, az Jahi and the Divs, intermingling with the cold flames of arezura, creating a new element of blackened fire, that you intake in all the cells of your being, that reminds me of the type of sensation you’re talking about.


Similar sensation different flow from the energy. Best description that comes to mind. :thinking:

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When calling the divs the feeling of the enegies mingle, and buzz through like currents of electricity is present for me, ending with a case of mild hot foot once i ground it at the end of the rite. :laughing: this feels like a cold breeze spiraling out from within if that makes sense.


If im going to draw, the seals of Arezura on my chest i would go to a tattoo parlor a show the seals and i would say i want tattoo these on my chest, tattoo artist would not know the seals of Arezura from a bar of soap.:sunglasses: