Risk of house eviction

Hi everyone, haven’t posted on here in a while.

Looking for a bit of advice in regards to my situation- my mum and dad are currently divorced and the house belongs to my mum and I provided I am in full time education.

I am leaving the education I am currently in for a few months before starting a course for a year. In these few months I fear my dad will go to the courts and demand for the house to be sold while I am out of education- making my mum and I and the animals homeless.

This is my childhood home and the thought of it being sold is very sad to me, but being homeless is worse in these current times especially!

Yes, my dad would have no problems leaving us homeless.

Can any of you offer any advice in regards to demons, spells, bindings? I am still yet to connect with a demon so one for beginners please!

Thank you.

Yes ,take baths. Purify yourself then tis spell is from phill a witch from California. I adapt. Get a stone from u property, get some dragon blood powder, and olive oil if can. And pinch u finger from left arm. Anyone and drop a few drops on tat powedr, oil and stone. Bowl. Or container. Then focus, say aloud you wish get stone and bury by the front door or any especial corner of u house, property etc.

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O you can chk the encantation sumary hwre for chants .

Thank you! When you say pinch your left arm with your fingers, do you mean draw blood to add to the stone?

Yes u finger, i mean u sterile a needle, and pich blood to drap to mix ingredients. Which tat blood be add to stone. So u soaked stone. Then add blood last ingredients wen focus u wish.

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Thanks for this :slight_smile: