Rise and fall of your fellow magician

Hi bhai,
Good to hear from you. Yes I will highly appreciate any help I can use for reuniting me with Kanika. Meanwhile. I’m working on resolving all angles at my end. As for her aunt. I’d be sure about her doings for instance of Kanika.

Thank you for being there brother. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you bhai

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hi bhaiya… welcome back :slight_smile:

If you remember me ? we used to talk !! your indian fellow.

So this turn cold against YOU? i dont think her aunt had anything to do in it and girls are pretty strong in hiding their emotions.

The female magician you hired , was Bigg boss contestant???

i suggest you use 4th pentacle of Venus ( to force her to come to you) and Haniel-- The spirit of Venus to re create that love and passion

Hello Brother,

I remember. Long time it’s been indeed. :slightly_smiling_face:
How’ve you been? How are things back in Jammu if I remember it correctly?

I see your point about Kanika and her aunt. It is really a possibility from both the angles. You are not wrong to say about Kanika hiding her emotions because before breaking up apart from giving her parents as a reason she said somethings I never knew she’s keeping a count off.
Anyway that’s past. The now is that she will call me and we will reunite. Meanwhile, I’ll work on myself to better my conditions spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Also, tell me more about the rituals you’re talking about.

PS. Which contestant. I can’t seem to recall, I’m sorry.

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Things are good in my state , thanks :slight_smile:

I suggest you doing this… i did this with modifications and it was SUCCESS !


You can PM me if you have any questions.

Good luck


Yeah I feel you. Around the same time I was pretty active here. I got so busy that I fell off. I swear demons get jealous when I don’t communicate and totally fuck me up my ass. Any time I’m practicing magic things are good when I don’t my life crumbles. The last year I’ve completely neglected my spiritual life and now it’s in shambles. My woman of 20 years split up with me, money is fucked when years ago I was making 6 figures, got cased up on some minor shit now taken care of. Man I’m in the ground at the moment. I’m thinking it’s a message for a complete 180. Sometimes the right path in life is not the one you really want… Till you get it.
I backed off working with demons back then because I was beginning to change. I’m a very compassionate person and I was beginning to literally hate people it scared me. Now I’m my old self again but my life is fucked. I guess it’s time to start over from scratch. P.s. the arranged needing permission to marry deal sucks balls bro.

I hear you on that. It’s like we are seeing the same story but with different characters. Like a remake of infinity war from Hollywood to Bollywood. I also had started slipping off working with demons because of those voices in my head had started making me cantankerous. Also, I use to be a person who always sees good in others but after 2014 I had just started not only hating people but stopped interacting with anyone. So once I realized it I also wanted to get my compassion back again. So I moved away from demons. Now while I write this I hear myself saying that “demons don’t make you hate people” it’s just your own belief in that dogma.
Man I am in split personality after writing this post.

PS. Yeah man the arranged marriages sucks. Not that it doesn’t work out but more often than not it doesn’t. Only if during the allowed courtship period if you’re lucky you strike gold else you’re fucked if your parents don’t listen to you. Which happened in my case. Now my folks repent not listening to me back then.

That really sucks. I’m assuming your pretty young. By the way your English is better than most of the Americans I know lol. I don’t think demons make you hate people it’s just certain ones that I was always working with were starting to rub off on me I believe.

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I’d take that as a compliment… hahaha… I’m not that young though. I’m 32. I did get a great upbringing and one of the best school’s education. So technically I don’t speak my native language Hindi that well now.

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Ok I’m 37 the only reason I thought you might have been younger was the marriage thing. I thought in arranged marriages it would of been done when you were like 18. Remember I’m an American lol. Yes your English skills was definitely a compliment.

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Yeah times have changed for India but complete modernity has not yet trickled down to the bottom most levels yet. That splits our society (and sadly every person in the society on their own individual level) in to many layers of perceived and adopted modernity synthesized with some age old thinking too. I am as guilty as others for this charge. You see what dellima it can create in our day to day life? It furthers the gap of thinking between two people in India. See the news once about India. Follow it for next 15 days you’d see a bipolar development in Indian society. On one hand you’d find people burning public property and creating riots over a fictional Bollywood movie. On the other hand you see institutions like IITs and IIMs and the biggest of the American corporates nurturing themselves into huge business profits through Indians.

PS. Sorry got carried swayed from the actual topic.

damn @Jakob420, you’re back too? i know of your past success using asmoday to get crazy amounts of sex from your wife (used blood from your leg i believe?) Sorry to hear the marriage fell through. All these things happening to you now can be reversed though. We’re working to help himanshu atm to get his girl back, but perhaps you can get some help too

btw himanshu…you ever plan on leaving india? Sounds like you may be outgrowing the place


Yes. Well said @Verdo. @Jakob420 is not alone in this. By his post I sense he’s not wanting his ex wife back. But I can be completely out of my depth on this. @Jakob420 you’d be the best one to say what you need at this moment.

@Verdo I had planned things about it back in Jan 2017. I had this Canadian client who was willing to gimme a job in Canada. The visa process is not that simple and then moving base to a different country requires a lot of greens you know. Anyway after 2 years of hard work of constant serving that client in Jan 2017 he agreed to send me sponsor papers then all of a sudden since April 2017 he also vanished just like my 4 months old marriage fell as well at that time.
So yeah moving is an aspiration but once I get Kanika back now.

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Ah i understand! Yeah migrating to canada has become harder since my parents move here. Its a cool place to live though, but the cost of living has been getting higher :frowning: And if you’re not use to the cold, it can be BRUTAL, hah

I hear you bro. But I’ll be visiting for sure.

Not sure what I want. It’s like I’ve been under her magic for 20 years she swears she’s never done any rituals but I felt it. Maybe she doesn’t know and does things subconsciously. But I def feel the occult in her. She’s becoming more Christian now which doesn’t bother me. Freedom is my religion so as long as it’s not protected onto someone else I could give a shit.

I actually performed some sigil magic to mend this relationship. The day after the working she called real early about dreaming about me so there was some effect but I fucked it up. She said the issue is communication. And I realize yesterday that I don’t even wanna communicate with her. Not about issues at least. Now I’m wondering what to do. It’s very hard to do a love working when you’re the one involved it’s 1 thing when you want money but love is very hard to keep off your mind after the ritual. The thing that sucks is that my ego drove me to move out ofmy big ass 4 bdr house like an idiot. She has my oldest all the time cause he wants to be by his friends and I get my youngest only 4 days a week. So fucking depressing. So here I sit in limbo.
O.p. the class divide in India is insane from what I gather. I really hope things work out for you man.

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damn dude, thats rough. So what would be your ideal scenario to end up in now?

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Dude I’m really sorry to hear that. But really I feel you when you say doing love rituals are tough as keeping your mind off your partner/situation even after the magic is done is easier said than done. I’m facing it myself. @Verdo felt it with me too. I just am going too deep in the rabbit hole. And the worst part of you being in it is knowing that you gotta make a conscious effort of disconnecting from it. However, when you do it you feel scared about if you eventually are going to grow out of it and loose the essence of strong love you have for her. Which therefore will result in eventual failure of your love magic. So, it becomes like a catch 22 situation. For, if you disconnect from it then you’re risking yourself into a natural push of “moving on” and if you don’t then you’re being obsessed about it and therefore resulting in the failure of your magic.

Now I did some thinking about it and to strike a balance this is what I’m doing for last 2 days(I know not much so please don’t assume that I’m bragging). What I’ve done is, I’ve taken a simple sigil magic for reuniting with my girl combined it with a meditation and have allocated 2 times a day to it. Other than that I’m being to my day to day activity. Of course her topic is running at the back of my head like a broken record so as a conscious effort every time I’m about to think that how and what happened that she left me. I look at our happy pics and focus on my first kiss with her.

But all this is IMO. Please guide me of I can do better.


Try meditating daily. Maybe 2x a day for 15 minutes each. I just started and it’s helping me control the racing thoughts. It should help calm you down. Life is definitely a bitch sometimes lol.