Riprinay Enn

Hello…Can someone give me the enn for the evocation of Riprinay?

I did do a search but never found the enn for Riprinay. Yes. I read in the forum about that which you posted. Thanks anyways. I was able to find his sigil but not his enn. I searched all over the internet too. Does he have one?

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Ah, hell. Sorry about that. Removed my comment.

Probably the reason you can’t find an “enn” for Riprinay is because he’s NOT a demon. He is a spirit from the Sphere of Jupiter.


S Conally has an universal Enn

Reayha bakana lyan reme quim Riprinay

Or invent or channel yourself:

Lepaca liftoach Qliphoth. Lepaca Riprinay

Aperiatur Abissus et germinet Riprinay