RIP Wayne Dyer

Died last Saturday. I always liked Wayne, a good man and right hand pather who understood and practiced in his own way a lot of the types of things discussed on this forum. He certainly believed in individuals having the ability to manifest what they want in their lives. He spent a lot of his childhood in an orphanage and overcame a lot of hardship to ascend to an admirable level of fortune and fame.

i don’t know who he is but i hope he has i nice afterlife :slight_smile: .

I liked him, that’s sad news for us but I’m sure he’s fine now.

New Thought/LoA etc., is a flexible thing, it can be the most LHP thing out, or all about God Almighty, depending on how you view it, how you use it.

Either way he was a thinker who helped other people get their power back, so I thank him for his life and work. :slight_smile: