Right into LHP

I’m fairly new to LHP. I feel that I’m finally ready to commit to my path. Thought I was before but I’ve learned I clearly wasn’t. I want to do this right. I’ve found a couple different rights into the LHP. Other peoples rights. Not sure what is correct. I guess anything works as long as your intent is correct. However I know it’s important to say the right and commit fully, verbally. I feel that I’ve been chosen. I’ve focused on Lilith, Azazel and Lucifer the most. I haven’t been able to evoke any of them yet. However I have undeniably invoked Azazel. I believe Lilith and Lucifer as well. Today I just got this feeling like Lucifer is telling me it’s time. Just a feeling. Kinda distinct. Nothing specific. So, I’m here asking for some wisdom and direction. Thank you.


What is it you want to know?

If you feel that you are ready to work with these demons, then you are ready. My suggestion to beginners is to focus on manifesting specific desires that you have. Ideally, I think it’s best to start with something that would be fun to have or experience, but something that you’re not really too concerned about either way. As you become comfortable with magick, you can start using it to shape and guide the course of your life.

It seems that you may want more money. The demons can certainly help you with this. You may be required to do additional or alternative, unexpected work, and this should be acceptable. You can manifest short-term, quick opportunities if you just need a little extra cash, and you can work on the long-term expansion of your finances and career.

Whatever you choose to do with your magick, remember that patience and calm persistence will take you to where you want to be.

I suggest that you find a grimoire (a book of magick) to aid you in your quest. Personally, I work with the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose, and there are also many texts and courses available through BALG with step-by-step instructions on how to perform magick.

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Thank you. Where will I go to find that grimoire? Or any grimoire?

Personally, what worked for me was having no expectations. Work with them whole heartedly, unconditionally relentlessly without wanting anything from them. They know what you need and desire and it will come to you. What you gain spiritually is far more precious.

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