Right I have a question!

Does the date 3270 B.C. Says something to anyone on here?
I don’t need historical references to the time, I can find them myself. Just curious if by any chance anyone has a connection with that precise date.

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You can find historical references to a date more than 1000 years in the future?

Laugh out Loud. Please forgive me.
I have changed it now.

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As ‘A.D.’ it had a very odd feel to it, it’s very hard to describe but it had an oddly demonic feeling to it, and it was not destructive but it felt like the world was under an illusion brought on by a corporation or maybe some bank. That was interesting.

But as B.C. I can’t say I feel anything too particular about it, or what I feel is extremely difficult to put into words. It feels quiet, but with movement. Peaceful, but not peaceful. It’s so hard to describe it.

Aermm… I think you actually can. But you won’t be coming back to the physical plane with that information.

All I know about this year is that it’s during the Stone Age. Maybe a major religious event happened that year. For example, this could’ve been the year a pagan organization was founded. May I ask why the specific year? Like did you find an artifact that archaeologists determined to be from that year or something?

That specific year will have something to do with me somehow, more specifically with my path and my pact. I have an idea and I don’t really want to go into it, I was just curious to see if anyone had anything about that date…

No, sorry I can’t help with that.

Left, i got no answer for you. =o) numbers means nothing to me.