Right hand. Question

What reason would someone have to interact energetically with say my right hand? Does the right hand have any significance within the energetic body? The interaction left a physical mark ( looks like a square, outline) and burning/pain afterwards for a bit.

I have pictures, but just want a general idea, or maybe even a scan of the picture to see if anything can be picked up? I supsect they knew about occult/spiritual stuff for reasons I don’t want to mention (not important).

Generally, because the majority of humans are primarily right handed, the right is considered to be the hand for projecting energy, while the left was for absorbing it. If someone wanted to leach energy from you, for example, they would connect via the right hand because the energy would naturally flow easier.


They did through a high five, so they made a connection to me??? To leach energy??? They’re the same person who told me to that I was “Focused to much on the Physical”, and needed to look into the spiritual…that doesn’t make sense…

What type of practices/belief systems consider Tobacco “sacred”, something else they told me about themselves…hmm because I’ve considered that their into the occult and it might be related to that. They had a bunch of stuff related to their culture/etc and I considered it might (practice) be related to that?

Shamanism and Native American spirituality.

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She said she was Native, she seemed like she was trying to guide me honestly. I talked to her about being able to see energy, and she told me I could see “light” after I described it to her. Plus also the other stuff. That doesn’t make sense.

Would someone be able to scan the picture (I took a picture of it at the time) and see if they can get anything (like why the mark/what it is)?

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