Riddle Me This!

Editing: Ignore first picture. Look at the second one.

10/31 - :eyes::lips:

1/1/2020 - :smiling_imp::crocodile:

Swim, swim as fast as you can. There’s a crocodile in the sea. It “seas” you. Do you “sea” it, too?

But why swim, why not embrace it?

:spider_web::spider:All things are weaved together under the stars.

For who is connected to this smiling, overbearing smiling crocodile in my “sea”? Who made he?

:lips::partying_face: I know who! Do you?

*I already know the answer to this as it deals with my path.

Have fun.

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That’s an alligator…


Oh! I guess I won’t use Pexels anymore to tell me what a crocodile is. I’ll pull it from a reliable source. :joy:


I can only laugh at myself. Sigh!

Crop out the one on the right, that’s still an alligator :joy:



Damnit Me! :joy:

Thank you!

Final picture!



But this goes further!

But go down the rabbit hole.

In Arabic there is a word for “sea”.

Hint: Tiamat

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So, if we are basing things off of intangible sources, could Tiamat have been something else besides a dragon?

Who ever said the great beast of the sea was ever a dragon?


I don’t know, who did? Or is that not the riddle? Did you? It wasn’t me.

The Leviathan is not a dragon.
Jormungandr is not a Dragon
The Aboriginal serpent form the dream time is not a dragon
Apep is not a dragon
Is Tiamat a dragon? The Glistening One/Abbys looks more snakey to me.

Dragons breathe fire. None of these do. These are all described as snakes.

But I think to focus on the animal is sort of missing the point, snake or dragon, these are symbolic ways to describe the function of being a power conduit, a bringer of change and wisdom. Snakes were wisdom animals. It’s a metaphor.

Dragons in the bible could be komodo dragons, alligators or crocodiles, or a purely made up creature made to represent a bunch of things. They thing the behemoth is a hippo, or similarly made up, and a unicorn was not a rhino after all but something else I forgot being mistaken for a rhino.

Dragons in Chinese lore are power conduits, that current has kept it’s integrity over 10,000 years and doesn’t have the same issues with mistranslations and scholars blue skying interpretations that are just wrong.