Ridding oneself of resentment?

Bit of a quick question here. I’m thinking of trying to magically rid myself of emotions of resentment. (In my opinion it’s a pretty useless emotion really, as resenting a situation or person really doesn’t serve to actually fix the cause of the resentment in the first place.) I have never actually really done any work with emotion yet. I thought of maybe explaining the resentment on paper, while thinking intently of the feeling of resenting, the helplessness of being trapped int he pointless emotion, then sealing the paper in a jar, which I would then take right outside to bury in a waiting hole in the ground. Resentment is the gone and burred, walked away from and never looked back at. Alternately I thought of burning the paper (no jar in this one obviously, lol) instead and letting the wind carry away the ashes of my resentful nature. Tie the paper up with duct tape, place tit behind my truck tires, and hit reverse. Tear it up and flush it down the toilet. I have a few idea on this, but I can’t decide which to actually pick. Or even if this could work at all. Obviously I’m going for symbolism here, which such work is typically about. But can it work for an emotion in the first place? Anyone tried it yet?

I’m not a mental health professional, but generally speaking, a negative emotion you experience often is usually tied to a psychological reason. Symbolically getting rid of it might help the process, but the real help would be understanding why you often feel resentment. Some divination and/or meditation might uncover the reason. Once the reason is brought to light, it can be dealt with, and at that point, doing something symbolic might help you heal it and move past it. JMO.

Oh I fully agree with this of course. I already am completely aware of the cause of the negative emotion in this case. I just can’t do anything about the actual situation right this moment, so basically trying a quite fix to deal with the emotion just for now seems my best bet. I am currently in the middle of a ongoing process of letting a ritual to remove the cause be reveled to me. (I feel I shouldn’t say any more on that now, since of course it’s a working in progress.) In any case I am just wanting to chase away resentment so that it doesn’t go on driving to climb the walls and end up unloading on some specific person, in the meantime.

Your use of symbolism is great. I like that you’re not bound by what you’re “supposed” to do, and you have the confidence to use your own metaphors.

Magic is commonly used for the purposes you’ve described. At least, I’ve seen many similar workings.

Here’s a hypersigil/art thing I made with a similar intent. Less ego, more focus. Less emotional rampages, more zen.

I would keep the jar of resentment as something on going, in case it comes up again. Maybe involve it as a kind of “swear” jar, that you put a dollar in everytime you feel resentment. better yet, a penny, to symbolize its worthe. then again, applying more worthe to it may help rid it easier.

& CUSP, what is your definition of a “hyper sigil” ?

Um… Uh… welll…

Perhaps the point where you draw the line to define something as a whole? There’s a lot going on in the picture I posted above, but taken together as a whole, I consider that a hypersigil.

I’ve most often heard of it and seen it used in artistic endeavors. A song or album, short films, stories.

Imagine you create a fictional story which has all the elements and lore of a demonic entity, arranged with as much magical structure and intent as you can muster. That story then become something which evokes that entity. If you look at the story as a whole, it’s not much different that a sigil, only a bit more ambitious.