Rid Mental Resistance

Which Demon or Archangel can help with mental resistance? I am currently working to manifest something super important to me but something strange is happening. I can literally feel mental resistance. When I sit down to meditate in it to manifest it into reality I can literally feel the manifestation be squandered in my mind. The resistance is strong and its soooo unfortunate because I know I can’t do it but the resistance is a son of a bitch!!! Also feel free to share if this has ever happened to you, I’d be nice to know that I’m not alone in this!


You can invoke archangel Raziel for internal release from boundaries, make sure to feel the emotion/feeling that you get when you feel that mental resistance during the ritual. I use the GoM’s system from their book

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Which Gallery of Magick book? :sweat_smile:

Archangels of Magick, in the invocations part

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Some things you have to go around, and some things you have to go through. If you are working with a god or entity, they may be helping you by showing you what is in the way, what you must go through first in order to achieve your goal. It can be that by feeling it, you are processing it so it will be dissolved. Then your goal will come into view.

You may try invoking an entity to teach you about what is in the way, and how to best dissolve it.


Vine or Archangel Michael could help. Michael is a solar and I’ve found Mercurial or solar energy to be useful in releasing internal blocks.

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Belial has recently been amazing for me to accomplish that.

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Oh really? Would you mind sharing more about that?