likely anyone who started out on the right hand path will have learned to rhyme many of your spoken words in workings. Not a requirement of course but it does create a good flow, make chants easier to remember, and some people say it just sounds more magical. I’ve always done so myself. Now I’ve started to do a bit of baneful work and darn if I’m not still automatically ryhming everything. Is it silly in the LHP or do you normally find it still works for baneful and curses too?

Yeah bit of a silly topic but I’m curious.

Rhyming helps your brain to remember things. When doing magick and the intent needs to be forgotten about afterwards, it helps your subconscious to retain the intent of the spell, like when doing magick that requires you to use your mind to put your energy into the universe to manifest something. It helps your subconscious remember the goal. And it can also be effective for memorizing spells or chants you wish to work with often. That’s why I put Eric’s chants into a song, because they are not english and do not rhyme and I found them hard to memorize but, by putting them in song to a catchy tune, I memorized them very quickly.

So no, not necessary, just a mental thing but it does help most people.

I have written spells for other people many times and I have found if I do not make them rhyme, they write me back a few days later saying sorry but could you redo this so it rhymes, I’m having a hard time working with a non-rhyming spell.

I prefer rhyming spells as well. It feels much more magical/powerful and definitely helps me to memorize chants more easily.

Same - if it feels more magickal, do it. Results are all that counts IMO.

I must say, I liked EA’s evocation chant to Lucifer, the channelled one. If one looks at spells on the net, there are some seriously bad rhymes out there. I know I wouldn’t feel very magickal if I couldn’t stop cringing. I remember one Wiccan author pointing out that “younger self” (our subconscious) is not a poetry critic.
I remember chants in another language, the same as I remember phone numbers, by their rhythm.