RHP Witches Portraying LHP Witches Evil in Media

Sorry if I sound ranty in this post buuuut… I have nothing against people following RHP path. What I have a problem with is the current trend of RHP witches trying to PR slamdunk all neopaganism and magick into cutesy, only benevolent package in media (interviews, youtube vids etc). Lawd. In my country I am seeing increasingly more and more news articles where RHP witches are interviewed and they basically claim most of the times that witchcraft is not risky, dangerous and that “no real witch” ever curses or harms anyone. I can’t help but feel like they are throwing all left hand witches under the buss just to seem themselves a bit more tolerable to normal people. In away they are like: “yeah I am bad, but these witches be for real evil. Stone THEM. BURN THEM, not me. I’m fluffy fairydust witch.” I mean I get it, they don’t agree on everything we do but basically backstabbing half of your pagan community in the back to me screams hypocracy and cowardliness. I honestly needed to get this out of my chest because it has been bothering me a lot lately.

The main reason it bothers me is because we can’t cutesy fluffy wash witchcraft into only safe, cute and sweet mumbo jumbo when it’s roots are in sacrifice, questioning boundaries and even breaking them at times for a cause. I think it is giving the public a skewed and onesided image about witchcraft.


Sadly thats how it is. Especially people trying to get paid, they know sticking with chakras, crystals, love spells, wicca, and witchy aesthetics etc will be more accepted, its a lot less spooky and easier for them to fit in. =(


I had no idea about this. I’m on the gray path and even I know that witches do whatever they hell they want. XD Magick isn’t all fluffy or whatever they claimed it to be. It’s a neutral force that people use for whatever reason they please. They shouldn’t be doing this to their fellow Pagans/ Wiccans/ practitioners.


Well, on the bright side, this kind of thing does enable us to work our magic in greater peace (even when we intend to stay as far from prying eyes as possible), because the more people practice magic, the less muggles think of it. Witches tend to be noticeable when they are special, which can mean both positive and negative attention.

Some people like E.A. are more than willing to stand in the spotlight and talk about their craft, but the vast majority of magicians want to lay low and have the benefits of living a magical life. So as contradictory as it may seem, greater media coverage for RHP witches, does enable for greater anonymity for LHP witches. If Wiccans are claiming that no real witch curses, then odds are your curses will land undetected more easily, for example.


RHP has a thing where neopaganism and such tend to get painted in a flowery kind of way, but LHP is a bit hypocritical with this aspect to since it paints everything as “darkness this, darkness that” Both of them are no different, both A handful of LHP dark magicians portray things poorly and so do some RHP witches/magicians.


All of this assumes that Wiccans are real witches. They are not. The witchcraft trial evidence mentions nothing of goddess worship in the British Isles. Gardner was a fraud basing his work on the flawed anthropological work of Margaret Murray, Charles Leland and Robert Graves while getting much of his material from Crowley. It’s not for no reason that Thelemites call Wicca “Thelema Light”.


Well a wiccan isn’t a witch, a wiccan doesn’t have to follow the path of a witch, just as a witch doesn’t have to follow the path of a wiccan. To me anyway it’s similar to hoodoo vs voodoo a religious path vs the magickal practice.

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It’s frustrating to watch love and light RHP witches white wash and sanitize magick.
But really…oh well.
Let them.
It doesn’t affect the workings of LHP practitioners, nor do LHP practitioners require the blessing and understanding of “the public”. If someone wants to think of me as an “evil witch”, they can go right ahead and think that. More power to me.


Wiccans have no credibility whatsoever. Let them preach all they want, so “muggles” will never take witchcraft seriously again, which is necessary if we want to continue practicing our craft without being prosecuted.



I really cringe at how hypocritical LHP has become lol.


Well, to be fair, a lot of people in the Left Hand Path also do quite a bit of white washing of their own. Just go through this forum and you will see people talking about how all the demons are fluffy and loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly, and how all the RHP stuff is wrong about them. Then, of course, right next to that, you will find the same people posting about using their demon du jour to kill someone who dared to break up with them or who looked at them funny.

Hypocrites are everywhere.


It’s gotten pretty victimizing after a while “RHP hurt me screw them!” mentality, it’s a tumblr like safe space for LHP people to come together and complain about how RHP is doing the same thing they’re doing.


That is fantastic!

That is true. I was so annoyed I didn’t even think about it. It is propably better for us. Besides I’m usually vocal when I hear people discriminating us and explain to them why they are being a bit ignorant. Thanks, man!

True also. Yeah. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on people who are nice enough to go to be interviewed since it might be hard to do it in an equal and graceful way. But it still pisses me off a bit. XD

Hahahahaha exactly! :rofl:

Well I guess we are all a bunch of hypocrites in disguise. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Lol to be honest I don’t care for LHP or RHP, I just do what I do and enjoy it lol. I find both tend to fluff up and cloud things, so it’s always best to do your own thing.


Yeah I guess it is true. I gues I am just a bit afraid of a witch hunt Salem 2.0 happening if people keep making us look very bad to general public. Not that it matters to me in any other way but there are some looneys who kill witches still. Luckily it is rare.