RHP Uncrossing

Hi. Im starting out… How does one do a Right Hand Path uncrossing?

What does this mean?

Otherwise, if this is a recognized term, someone else can answer because I’m confused.

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Basically a RHP curse removal. Instead of using Demons and dark spirits like LHP it uses Angels and light spirits.

RHP doesn’t mean angels and LHP doesn’t mean xtian demons.

This is basically the same as your other post then, but with a different word choice? Evoke and angel and ask for help if that’s what you’re interested in.

Add: Just to let you know though, not all angels are “light spirits”


True there are angels of destruction and death.

Even the other angels can show us a darker side. Happens often enough. So I’ll give you a word of caution, don’t call an angel and be surprised if the energy isn’t “love and light.”

Try a basic limpia:

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I hope you are aware angels used to raze cities in Bible.

Shemhamforash has a negative side that is not Goetia. Just as bad if not worse, for example.


Angels get scary fast. I always go back to how often they tell people not to be afraid in the bible when they show up.

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LHP and RHP are philosophies that are more about intention and worldview.

If you use this definition of LHP/RHP:

Then any spells you do where you rely on yourself to do the magic are LHP by definition.

So I think maybe there’s no such thing as an RHP uncrossing spell…? there’s only RHP methods to ask god to take the curse away.

So if you want an RHP solution, I think that means you basically just pray to “god” to deliver you.
You don’t do it yourself, you give your troubles to the Lord, Jesus take the wheel type stuff.


Psalm 59 mentioned in the other thread would do it.

See: you don’t do anything yourself… you “give it to god”.


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