RHP kind of, Kundalini awakening experience

Ok so my story is that.
Since I was a little kid, something, I don’t know what even now, felt inside myself.
Without knowing it, always was stimulating my root chackra. When I closed my eyes I saw a light. I didn’t sleep so much at night. I had OCD behavior. I always was a scared kid.
I could sense energy and vibes of people. I had a slutter when talking in public.
Felt very anxious, so I started taking drugs when I was a teenager.

The thing is, any drug dose I take, never put me out of my lucidity. I’ve never had hallucinations for example.
I was always was attracted to nature, animals, love, sex, music, art, poetry.

In one day, nothing shit about occultism, I was tired of my life, I writed a contract “I want to sell my soul or something” I don’t remember exactly “to the Devil” and signed in blood. I know, I was a dumbass.
I never believed in Hell or Heaven. And I lived with fear that I sold my soul. I always was afraid of sickness and death.

But suddenly, I realized that was impossible and begin to been attracted to work with demons.
I tried to work with more entities, but at the final, no one appealed to me.

Only Lucifer. The weird thing is, Lucifer never helped me until i contacted his angelic part.
I had flashbacks and memories of a lot of things, words. And I write it down. The only two words that remained with me were “love and light”.

In my ego death I saw that world is ruled by a false God. I saw that I am my own God.
When my mind silent, my conscious spoke. And wrote it down. All of that was to accept my position in the world. My purpose is to overcome my fear. For me, it’s not Heaven or Hell. I will not get sick in my lifeftime. I’m a healer myself. I always was a healer, not a ruler. I shall ascent by my Godhood, buddhism, mantras, manifestation and light entities.

I am here to heal people I choose to. I’m a free being. I need to stop my fears and to accept that when I’ll die, I can be a part of the source or I reincarnate again.

Lucifer advised me to not explore the demonic side. I’m not part of that. I’m my own being and that’s all. Guess I’m a rebel, huh? Also I have a very strong connexion with animals and shamanism, tribal culture. I am very happy with my destiny now.

Hmm, Ok, but what does any of this have to do with Kundalini? Or RHP for that matter?

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