Rewarding Spirits

So I finally rewarded this demon I was working with. I ate a bowl of frosted flakes while looking at his sigil. I had Goosebumps the entire time was quite no thoughts passed … after I was finished everything went back to normal was relaxed. What are some other people experiences.

I don’t get how that’s rewarding the spirit.

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Well I did not give him the opportunity to tell me what he wanted. Figure how I’m in this physical plane I can offer him what I want not what he desires. Because we do this magic to help us not the other way around…out of respect that’s what I gave him for helping me with my task. Some practitioners do not reward at all after working with spirits. So I envoked him, we ate together and what I was giving is the sinsation and feeling I get from eating one of my favorites breakfast items. The magic in feelings… that’s magic you can project unto other people with results you can see and feel.

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Make a topic discussion I will join in


I get it…but I would set aside some in a separate bowl while I was eating, then when I was finished, I would bring it outside and bury it or let the animals enjoy it. Give the spirit some way to enjoy it according to their liking. I go by feeling and what I think the spirits are telling me or asking me to do. Or I offer a carved plaque. That’s my sacrifice or offering to give thanks for the help and magick.

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Demon most likey wants some frosted flakes as an offering.


You just reminded me of a good idea for snacks I need to get. I haven’t had those in forever. I’m getting tired of the variety of chips and dip.

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I’ve shared meals with spirits before. Thrown meals into fire etc. they seem to like that

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The following cases were many years ago… I once received strange instructions: I shouldn’t be interested in a cousin of mine nor collect bottles; aside from that, I attempted to reward Asmoday by consecrating coins to him and putting them in a coat’s pocket. Another time I offered to Lucifer one or more leafs.
More recently I rewarded spirits with energy or sigils with e.g. blood on them.