Revision :

So essentially revision is a technique where you medidate on past events and change it to your desired outcome and it manifests. Simply it’s like how we manifest for the future but this time we’re altering the past.

So my question is if we do this, how would you know that your reality has changed? Let’s say I focus on a competition where I took second place and instead make myself win, will this magically give me a first place trophy in the present? (just a simple example).

However I can see some limitations with this.

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Now this is novel and I mean I want to say illogical but hey I think some meat is in there. The question is…is the meat edible?

Something to try for sure but maybe not for the situation you described maybe in terms of a relationship ending badly or something. Something with intangible outcomes rather than physical ones.

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You wouldn’t. You’d only know what happened in the past, right? Hard to say if writing it down would still leave a record if the past was changed, as you likely wouldn’t be in the same place as you are now, right? If it was big enough to change, that is. Or would it only change your perception/memory of the events? Hard to say.

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If possible, I could try and save my uncles previous relationship. The outcome would be massive and if this works, I know anything will work. It just comes down to me going back and casting a binding but at the same time, if I do this, there will no doubt be rather upsetting consequences.

Well I tried it a few years ago and only I had the memories. My ex still remembered everything exactly like it was not how I altered it.

You do raise an interesting question though, if we do everything we want in our past, how drastically will it change our present and future? Maybe events play out for a reason.


It’s a good thing I don’t mind dating myself. I can’t say I came up with the idea, as Back To The Future was out on television when I was a kid :slight_smile:

Maybe the result can be achieved via soul travel, but in my opinion it would be more complicated than it seems from the comment above.

Imagine planting a seed and then digging it up every few days to see if it has grown.

You would never get to see the tree that bears fruit. Or you would significantly hamper its progress and growth. You might end up with the fully-fledged tree eventually, but it would take much longer than it might have otherwise, and the constant disturbance to its growth would probably result in a weak, sickly plant that only makes you feel discouraged when you compare it to the beautiful, flourishing tree you saw in your mind’s eye when the seed was first planted.

No. You wouldn’t open your eyes to see a new trophy appear on the desk before you, or something like that.

But if it worked exceptionally well, something might occur along these lines: the judges of the competition discover that the first place winner cheated or broke some obscure rule of the competition, therefore they are retroactively disqualified and the first place prize defaults to the next runner-up, i.e. you.

Even if nothing manifested from your revision, you would still gain the benefit of aligning your mindset with that of a first-place winner, feel the associated emotions of joy and gratitude, and attract those outcomes to you in future.

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Based on my experience as someone that moved to slightly different universes frequently, your reality changes but you still remember how it was. You are the calm in the center of the storm, type of thing - it’s not you that changes.

The ‘change yourself to change your reality’ is a different thing - that has you staying put in the same universe for the most part, though it can trigger a universe change.

I call it ‘different universes’ because it feels more like you passed through a portal at some point into a version of the universe were the possibilities played out differently. It’s usually a very close match energetically, and as far as I can tell, it works by you setting your vibrations enough differently to resonate better with the new universe.

You usually can’t tell others you remember it the other way - they just think you’re crazy or remembered it wrong. But that’s a useful way of telling anyone who shared an older version of the universe with you.

Sometimes this happens to people en masse though - look up the mandela effect.

So this:

Well I tried it a few years ago and only I had the memories. My ex still remembered everything exactly like it was not how I altered it.

Fits with how it’s works for me as well.

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@Mulberry, do you have a method for this or did it happen unintentionally?