Reviews on The Book of Abrasax?

Anyone have an opinion on this book or system?

The Book of Abrasax - Michael Cecchetelli

It’s a nice looking book, and the description is interesting enough. But I know nothing about it. Curious if anyone has an opinion.

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I haven’t read it yet, I plan to order it and Liber Falxifer 2 as soon as my Complete Works arrive. I’ve read positive reviews of it saying it has some very good practical spells and rituals in it. Here are a few links for you to peruse

I have the Book of Abrasax and have read it.  From what I can gather, the book seems to be drawn from the Egyptian Coptic ritual sorcery and the PGM (Greek papyri..??)  Both of these I guess are rather heavy rituals and were used extensively during the period in which they were written.  I will say that the author is very straight forward within the first few pages to inform the reader that his purpose is to transmit the 'meat and potatoes' of the evocation rituals and steps leading up to said process.  
A good portion of the rituals focus on calling forth some planetery intelligences and a variety of Greek/Roman gods and dieties.  For example, the author shares rituals for improving business negotiations, love spells and enchantments, self-protection, etc... (I'll have to look again in my copy to see exactly which one are listed if you want specifics).
 Some of the ritual tools and items that one may need for the ritual evocations aren't too hard to construct or come by (i.e. wax figures) though I will say that the author does not focus too much on telling the reader how or what to set up in one's temple.  I guess the auther assumes that the reader kinda has some background knowledge in that realm.  
 The author writes well and address the reader in a very professional manner (much like E.A.'s writings).  Overall I think its worth the money, regardless if you use these rituals or not.  Its gives one a good perspective of some of the other occult and ritual practices out there that aren't neccesarily derived from european magick and sorcery.
 Hey Wandering Fool, what is this book 'Liber Falixfer 2' that you speak of.  I think I may have seen it for sale but I don't have any background on it.  Could you shed some light on it...I'm kinda curious as to what it may have to offer.

From my limited understanding as I do nat have Liber Falxifer 1 and refuse to Download pdf’s. It’s a book of the 218 current(TOBL). It’s a death cult that worships Qayin the left handed reaper (which is Cain, the first murderer, gravedigger and harvester) it’s a folk magick practice which comes from South America. Here is a link to a thread that got me interested as it talks about the book and it’s practices.

To be honest I have no plans to practice from this book, just read it as I find it intriguing and the investment aspect as well. WCheck eBay for copies of Liber Falxifer 1 and you’ll see what I mean.

I see, I see. Ya, I did see a copy of it ebay but it didn’t give too much description as to what it was based on and such. Now that I read the link you posted, it makes a bit more sense. From what I gathered in the link, sounds like the Senor Muerte may be akin to some stuff related to Santaria and some of the folk practices that are similiar. Sounds interesting indeed.

I just received this book today. At first glance it looks like Gnostic Magic that works more with the Higher Worlds and is against Ialdabaoth and the Middle and Lower Worlds.

It looks like a really good book, but to be honest, I was hoping for something a little bit more on the darker side. There are a lot of workings with the Archangels and Yeshua.

It’s not really my cup of tea. I am not really comfortable banishing the Archons and any of the 13 lower rulers since I am also working on the plane of Hebdomad.

It seems much more suitable for practitioners of the right hand path.

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It’s a nice book if you’re into Hellenic and Gnostic sorcery. I don’t see myself using it that much though, but YMMV.

I have the book. I’m a fan of Cecchetelli as I also have his “Crossed Keys” book from Scarlet Imprint as well. Anyway, the Book of Abrasax is based on the PGM, aka the Greek Magical Papryi. It contains rituals for love, wealthy, protection and destruction of one’s enemies. There is also an evocation towards the back but I don’t consider it an evocation in the traditional sense. Maybe I’ll take another look at it. For the most part the rituals are pretty practical meaning no use of hard to find, expensive or illegal ingredients or tools. The most “complicated” rituals in my opinion from the book are the Wealth/Prosperity ones, a few of them require the construction of certain tools.

All in all it’s a good book with some good rituals and an evocation (if you can call it that). I do recommend it.

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Oh, in that case can you tell me where the fuck to buy Natron?

Whats in it? Based on the name I assume its about Gnosticism

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Make it yourself.


It’s magick from the PGM, it has the adjuration of metatron as the opening, followed by the calling of the sevenths. It then has protection spells, including th me creation of an abremalin talisman and invoking the protection of saboath. It has love spells. It has wealth and prosperity spells. It has curses. It has transcendental rites, such as the invocation of (full possession by) the god Abrasax, a triune baptism by Jesus, and a rite to travel all the way through the heavens to god. You can become a “full brother of the pleroma” or whatever he calls it. I’ve had it for a couple of years and not really used it. Some of it needs to be done astrally, which is currently beyond me. The transcendent rites are really exciting and also super intimidating because I have no idea what the fuck the consequences would be. If you’re interested in gnostic magick, even if you aren’t sure you are going to practice any of it, it’s worth having. I am super glad I have it even tho I haven’t used it, it’s so fucking interesting.


Thanks, now I need to find a way to get storax.

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