Review of Ritual For Hire

this is a review of the ritual for hire services that I have hired from Bran.
Bran was excellent to work with, he was very understanding and Professional. I enjoyed working with him greatly.

however, the ritual that I got from him did not work sadly… the target that I had chosen, had chose another guy over me. So in that effect the ritual did not work as I had hoped it would have.

-Sinister Shadow.

I am sorry to hear, but I must say your review contradicts my current working with Bran I myself have acquired his services on every spiritual level and still is working with him successfully. I will soon leave this forum to continue with my accent when Bran is done with me. But that is a farewell for another time. I do not think the fault lays with bran and do hope things will still turn around for you

Like I told you in our conversations… You need to give it more time; especially now that there’s another guy involved. This is indeed an unexpected obstacle, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be overcome. It just takes more time, thaz’all.
Remember when you posted this?

As far as I can tell, september isn’t over yet and october has yet to come. So why drawing your conclusions already?

But I can’t do much if you don’t believe in it.

All in all, I still believe in a happy ending. Join me in believing this :wink:

Don’t have any expectations on how you think it’s supposed to play out. For all you know, this new guy could be a real jerk, which is what eventually drives her into your arms.

Lock your intent, and be ready to pounce. You’ll know when the moment present’s it’s self, but you can miss it if you hesitate.

I’ve worked with Alex on a couple occasions and he knows what he is doing. I have purchased a love ritual from him and have received a true peace of mind that in due time it will work out. Good things come to those who wait and we must remember that. Thanks again for the great work and all your help Alex.

Its important tp keep in mind that the spirits which you work with will always have a better view of whats going on and try to do the best to cumply with the charge theyre given. But this takes time and we have to be patient even in dire times. Ive had a lot expeience in this so patience my friend. Also keep in mind you have to do your bit in the wokings.

Question: What if you believe that the desired outcome either from your own ritual or that from which someone else has done for you will become reality. You’re just not sure how (not that it matters), and you have a feeling of expectation. Are even those positive thoughts throwing a wrench so to speak in the manifestations? And if so, how do you divorce yourself from those thoughts? Is it as E.A. says? Smile a true smile knowing the reality you want is on its way?

I feel for Sinister Shadow, it is SO hard to be patient.

Another huge thing I’d like to point out is how Alex always help even after the ritual. He gives great guidance and supports through the whole situation. Just give it time am trust in his work Sinister Shadow it will work out.

I believe in a good “after service” :wink: