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In the spirit of helping E.A. to improve his presence, and grow our Become A Living God movement, I want to ask if you have read E.A.'s books to go to and share your honest praise for his work.

In a world where a truly insightful and powerful treatise on magick is very hard to find, E.A. has successfully written 8 outstanding, and innovative masterpieces!

With respect to his hard work, and as a token of gratitude, let’s each put our kindest words forward to shine light on why you liked his book, what you learned from it, and how new readers could benefit from it.

Here are direct links to several of his books:

Evoking Eternity:

Questing After Visions:

Baneful Magick

The Spider and the Green Butterfly:


The Book of Azazel:

Regrettably, in the past I’ve noticed that there were a few harshly negative reviews by people who clearly had a vendetta against E.A. and magick in general. (Some have been deleted, but some remain)

I believe one person called him a “snake oil salesman”.

Sadly, magicians who are new to E.A.'s material may see those kinds of absurdities, and there is a possibility of it harming their opinion of him, which I believe is a tragedy.

Please help us to build a bigger presence in the Amazon reviews, by giving him your highest and fairest score, so he can truly get what he deserves!!

P.S. I’m NOT asking you to exaggerate or give a false testimonial, but rather to share your enthusiastic appreciation.

Feel free to also submit your reviews here, so we all can read and discuss them on the forum. Here are mine:

Evoking Eternity

Expert Magician Reveals Secrets For Successful Evocations

E.A. Koetting is an actual practicing magician. He has a history of performing powerful, mind-altering evocations with angels and demons of all sorts.

This book will give you everything you need, and more, to get your first few evocations under your belt, and continue moving forward at full speed. The stories and anecdotes he shares are real and come from genuine experiences he and his apprentices have had. It’s very interesting to read, because at times you feel like you’re getting to peak inside his personal journal of magickal experiences.

I assure you that you are safe in using this book as your guide. It’s highly original, and I guarantee you’ll get a lot out of it. But be warned, it’s for people who REALLY want to become a magician. So wimps and wussies need not get it.

P.S. I strongly urge you to disregard any negative reviews, because this book is truly top quality. I know, because I’ve read basically every book out there on ceremonial magick. Trust me, this one rocks.

Baneful Magick

The Sinister Psychology Of The Blackest Magick

When it comes to the darkest of the dark magick, E.A. Koetting is your man.

In Baneful Magick, this psychopathic author guides you through the psychological re-conditioning required for you to truly unlock the most sinister aspects of your personality.

Chapter by chapter, E.A. reveals authentic baneful rituals for causing destruction, illness, and turmoil of all sorts inside your enemy’s life.

You will learn everything from how to trigger deep psychological disturbance and schizophrenia, to causing actual death.

It’s important for a serious reader to understand that the book is not merely a curio or a novelty. It is a sincere exploration of the most evil parts of sorcery.

It’s certainly safe to read this book for academic and intellectual purposes, but be forewarned, the rituals inside this book are psycho-active, so if you test them, they discover that they DO work.

The Spider And The Green Butterfly

A Rare Guide To Harnessing The Power Of Haitian Vodoun

Any educated occultist knows that true knowledge about Haitian Vodoun is extremely hard to get, without being born into a Vodoun cult. The native members of the magick orders are very secretive, even paranoid, about initiating newcomers without clear evidence that the aspirants are devoted for life to the religion.

For this reason alone, a book exploring the real inner workings of Haitian magick is utterly priceless.

Now, when you combine this with the fact that a high initiate of black magick - E.A. Koetting - and a Haitian high priest - Baron DePrince - joined forces to write a book introducing Western occultists to the foundational rituals and spell-workings of Vodoun, you get an opportunity for magick knowledge and Ascent that is truly historic.

The Spider and the Green Butterfly is a captivating ride from the very first page, to the end of the book. It’s well-written, articulate, thoughtful, and friendly toward beginners of the Vodoun tradition.

Sadly, only 500 copies of this book exist, because Baron DePrince’s magick elders would only allow him to release their occult secrets to a limited number of people.

Inside this masterpiece, you’ll learn everything from how to scry and evoke Loa Gods to enjoy their blessings, to performing ancient rituals that utilize arcane fetishes and implements for altering your reality in positive ways.

I personally own The Spider and the Green Butterfly, and I’ve read it several times, to the point that the book is suffering serious wear and tear.

All in all, if you can acquire a copy of this tome, then consider yourself highly lucky, because it is truly one of a kind.

Questing After Visions

Tips And Stories To Open Your Clairvoyant Third Eye Visions

I’m a huge fan of E.A’s work, so I am fairly biased toward being supportive.

This book will give you insights into the experiences of a real, genuine, magickal clairvoyant. He has seen and communed with real angels, demons and more- and this book shows you the steps to achieving that level of mastery.

I don’t have much to say except- READ THIS BOOK.


The True Story Of One Man’s Magick Ascent

Ipsissimus is a departure from E.A. Koetting’s previous writing styles.

His previous books smack of a devious delight in the depths of black magick, while this treatise is a fairer, more light-hearted journey through his own mystical adventures.

This guide does include exercises from replicating his success with astral projection and clairvoyance, but mostly, it’s a fun story-telling of his own Ascent under the tutelage of his yogic mentor.

The writing is friendlier, and yet dense and profound in a more Eastern sort of way.

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in developing their ability to get out of body and rise on the planes - what E.A. calls “soul travel” - to read this book. It is a first-person account of his own success doing just that!

The Book Of Azazel

A Titillating Read That Will Scare And Inspire You

This is one of the best books I have ever read in my life.

That is a bold claim for a man to make, and I mean it truly. I devoured this entire magick grimoire in less than 48 hours.

In fact, there were times when I set the book down, because I was terrified to keep reading, and needed to meditate on what I had learned.

This masterpiece is the true story of a black magician’s 60-day blood pact with the demon, Azazel. We learn everything about the initial meeting, to the details of the highly advanced evocation rituals the author used, to the epic, lifelong benefits the author received from his infernal relationship.

Furthermore, the author lays out an extensive grimoire-catalog of lesser demons, given by Azazel, so you can employ for them for your own purposes.

What is most fascinating about this black book is that it’s completely new information. There is no rehash. It’s totally novel, and a true advancement and contribution to field of magick.

I personally guarantee you’ll enjoy reading The Book of Azazel.


I only reviewed the ones I’ve read when I get The Complete Works I’ll be sure to go back as needed.

Evoking Eternity:

Evoking Eternity is one of the best books I’ve found on the topic of evocation. Koetting guides the reader through all they need to effectively summon angels, demons, spirits and even gods. His outline for evocation is expertly written and easy to understand. He shows the reader that one doesn’t need elaborate rituals and learn long recitations to summon any entity and tap into its power and use it to affect change in this world. He teaches that all that is required is to learn to tap into the divine and omnipotent in all of us.

To correct the erroneous and ignorant statement from the negative reviewer Koetting’s “Become A Living God” movement is not some televangelist movement. It is an instructional series to teach people the skills needed to make their life what they want it to be through the practice of magick. If the reviewer had spent time putting Koetting’s teachings into practice instead of making assumptions he would know their efficiency and power.

Baneful Magick:

Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting is a fantastic read for those wanting to learn the dark destructive aspects of magick. Koetting delivers his work in a clear and concise manner giving the reader all they need to deliver sickness, destruction and death to all who stand in their way. Koetting gives instructions for candle based spells, poppets, herbs used for baneful magick, demonic sigils, magick squares and talismans as well as rituals to summon entities to work against ones enemies.

I have yet to find another book of this nature dedicated solely to magick for the purpose of destroying ones enemies while empowering the magician with the ability to control death and destruction at his choosing.

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Here is what some douchebag wrote as a review for Evoking Eternity:

Junk - 1 Star Rating

More absolute made up crap packaged in an intentionally attractive format for a select audience. The guy can’t write and now he has become some kind of televangelist for black magic. “Become a Living God” should be an offense to any intelligent person actually doing the work and making transformations themselves.

LOL - “televangelist”

Here’s one for The Spider and the Green Butterfly:

More like Snake Oil Quackery - 1 Star Rating

What can you expect from a book that says about itself that it is “an inside look at Haitian Vodoun, revealing many of the secrets of Vodoun power”?! This book remind me of some of the dodgy advertisements you can find in the back of old Almanacs, aimed at gullible people who expect to win the lottery or to find a lover by rubbing some magical oils and powders on their right toe, having to howl at the full moon and being dressed in the undergarments of a rich man at the same time. It’s bogus and it’s just silly!

The book has nothing that you can’t find in print elsewhere, either in Secrets of Voodoo by Rigaud or in Voodoo in Haiti by Alfred Metraux, or even in some of the cheap and dodgy Anna Riva books that teenagers and desperate housewives use to tie their lovers down. I’m not sure if the “co-author” Baron DePrince even exists, but if he does then he surely took Koetting for a ride! There are some veve in the book that have clearly been made up by either Koetting or his imaginary friend DePrince - and the “authors” have not even been trying to make it look anything like Vodou (but mind you, this book is Vodoun, not Vodou)! The rest is Chaos-Magic, Hoodoo and a bit or ceremonial magic, meditation and visualisation. In short, it’s useless for anyone wanting to study Haitian Vodou because its has nothing to do with it.

I think the best part is where he says, “I’m not sure if the “co-author” Baron DePrince even exists.”

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I can only say what i have red, the only book i have form E.A. is Evoking Eternity: CHTHONIAN EDITION (shit! I wish, I can get all his books), I was in love with that book, The ability to summon forth to visible and physical materialization, Spirits, angels, demons, and GODS .etc., E.A. is been a big inspiration to me, he is trueing a great writer, and the way he breaks down steps to make it easily understandable.

I should have Spider and the Green Butterfly in a few days, once I read through it I’ll post a review on Amazon, in the mean time I will post reviews for the others as well. Wonder of the people who wrote the bad reviews even read these books, let alone practiced what was in them. I have only the best things to say for E.A.'s work. Waiting for the complete works for Kingdoms of the Flames, aside from Spider, it’s the only other one I haven’t read. Picked up the BOA after I ordered the complete works, couldn’t wait:)

I finally got around to posting my review of Evoking Eternity on Amazon and I wil do the same for the rest as well. I finally recieved Spider and the Green Butterfly and will be raving about that one for sure on Amazon. EA, as always, delivered a lot of usedful information in that one. I’ve read a few other books on Vodoun, but none ever let it all hang out so to speak. He really tells you the stuff nobody else does! Love it.

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I’m reading it on prime, I will definitely post a review later on when I get some free time.


Why aren’t all the books available on amazon? I’ve been going through a headache with BALGs main purchasing and now its going on 6 weeks. Seems they had to send another message to shipping but as of yet… not even a tracking ip. I’ll let it go another two weeks before contacting again. at the 9 week point (double that you’re supposed to get it + I’m going to demand a refund and I will not recommend anyone buying from the main site. I’ll get 2nd hand if it comes to that. These logistics and shipping is worse than the article I ordered that came from a china warehouse a week later after the BALG purchase. Gotta say, pretty crappy service.

E.A. Recently made a pact with Lucifuge, who has created changed upon himself to say the least, thus affecting

Be patient. I have gone through similar things when ordering, myself.

Give it time. Use meditation practice in the meantime.

Don’t worry you’ll get what ever It is that you want.


Yeah, I guess my lust for the book and wanted to read it so bad overcame my senses. It’s only just been over 4 weeks. How I was so off I don’t know… but lordy that’s obsession.

Honestly, I think that is cheap if that all he is selling the domain for. I’m surprised someone hasn’t quick grabbed it to get rich.