Reversing Love spells/curses

So long story short I challenged a REALLY smart and hot cocky girl to a lust war or some shit because im a cocky fuck who like to play with the big girls.

Anyways, it was like all chill when we were mind fucking and raping each other because we were both fighting, and trying to kill eachother.

WELL then I got EXTRA cocky and told her my weakness (which i didn’t know at the time) so now she’s forcing me to everything i want and making herself fall for me or she doesnt care if we fall in love (idk shes pretty crazy).

But that’s my point is we are like really good enemies and all cuss we are so alike but now that she’s being nice it’s fucking me up, I know this may sound dumb but like how do I reverse it, I dont ACTUALLY wanna marry her but if I dont reverse this spell soon I won’t have a choice but to buy us our own private island and shit. Like yeah, I wanna be rich and famous and all that but like this girl is really good at what she does like she’s my dream girl but like i enjoy actually working for things.

I mean idk i guess it could be good but like if she doesn’t love me back then I win…right?

Wait, is this even a bad thing or am I just being dumb?

I forgot to mention she is on this site but like if you know dont tell her I need to figure this out without more people getting involved.

She probably has a bf or something so if anyone has tips on how I can get him to like fuck her out of the spell I’d appreciate it!

Damn that was 0-100.
To clean yourself up of this sickness you may have…

This consists of washing or scouring the person and
giving showers or teas to drink, with a herb named Aspand.
Any of the immediate techniques should likewise be possible while at the equivalent
time playing out a backhanded spell, for example, the setting of
lights (candles) or working with supernatural connection type objects.
I for one lean toward the immediate sort of spell, where
you’re given showers, rub-downs, as well as a tea to drink
since they become progressively associated with the work and it regularly
has a more positive and verifiable and faster impact.

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