Reversing a pact (unintentionally made) need answers asap

Well, it’s not exactly a pact. I’m not even sure what it was either. I was just complaining about how much I needed privacy in the house since my mother is always around and she doesn’t approve of the path I have chosen. I needed her out for a while, perhaps a few days, but she works from home most of the time, and I would be out for work too. I was planning on making a pact with an entity, so that they would manipulate her work place so that she can work there from now on or something like that.

That was about two weeks ago and I didn’t make the pact. I totally forgot that I was intending on doing it. I did need the privacy for rituals at the time but I don’t need it anymore. Today I just found out that she would be moving across the country due to the same job. I asked her for how long and she said probably forever. She has until the beginning of July until she leaves and that’s not what I want. I love her and can’t wait until every holiday to see her. I would miss her dearly, and even though she doesn’t like what I do, I don’t want her to leave. She’s still my mother. I didn’t want it to go this far. I didn’t even make the pact for fuck’s sake.

I need advice on how to reverse this. If it even is possible to. I have no idea who could have done it because I didn’t have a specific entity on my mind. If it wasn’t any of them, then I don’t know what I can do to reverse all of this. I’m not that powerful.


You put the intent out there emotionally and that sounds like law of attraction as opposed to a pact.

Get very specific on what you want and cast for that.


Under the assumption that this is a spirit, you should first find out what entity made this happen. Research which spirits that are related to careers and contact each of them. That’s where I would start.


No deal was made. It’s your intention that did the work. The best I can offer is be careful what you wish for and take it as a lesson.