Reversed Effort Law, Possible #1 Reason for Ineffective Magick

I thought I would post this because I have been working with someone lately that doesn’t seem to get what I am telling them. Now, I have tried to help a few people here on this forum lately with some things so I don’t want anyone here to read this and assume I am talking about them, because I’m not and the following really is just a very common issue. Actually I got this idea while working with someone on another forum, and this person just doesn’t seem to get the importance of this, and I have been trying to teach this person the following information for the last 3 months but they never grasp exactly what I am saying, and every few days they write me back saying nothing is working without ever stopping to think about why it’s not working.

Instead of asking why, what could I be doing differently, they just keep asking for different spells when one does not work. But maybe this information would be beneficial to anyone who seems to be having problems and is convinced their magick just isn’t working. This may possibly be the number one reason why. Because other people I have spoken to have had no problems and caught on right away, so it has to be the person, not the magick. Especially when that person was given one of E.A.s spells to use and those don’t work for him either, you know he is doing something wrong because so far, all of Eric’s spells have been powerful and effective for me and others.

The power of letting go, the law of reversed effort. I see so many magicians going thru a rough time and they come to other magicians for help, their efforts fail and in a few days they contact the other magician again saying it didn’t work what else can I do? Usually, the reason it did not work was not because the person seeking help lacks power, or because the magician that helped them doesn’t know what they are talking about either. 99.8% of the time it’s because the magician asking for help is experiencing such a bad problem that it’s near impossible for them to let go, which is understandable, humans are driven by emotions, but the only way the problem will ever get resolved is if the magician asking for help can truly let go, and distract themself with mundane things and forget about the problem as best as they are able.

And if the problem is something you cannot help but be reminded of daily, maybe it’s something you have to deal with daily, then when the emotions arise again you just have to remind yourself to stop thinking about it, go lock yourself in your room and do something else, go for a walk, etc. Out of sight out of mind. Devote all your time to reminding yourself to let go. I know, that seems just as annoying as thinking about it 24/7 but eventually letting go will become second nature to you and it only further serves to remind yourself, hey this is not worth thinking about to the point it affects my happiness.

But until any magician is able to effectively practice the law of reversed effort after a working, they can do the working 8 times and try 20 different versions of ultimately the same spell and it will never work because the second they realize nothing has happened yet again after 2 or 3 days, they start dwelling on the problem again which allows the problem to remain in their life or come right back. Don’t try to rush things along, don’t expect results instantly because although for some of us results do come almost instantly, it may not happen like for every person or for every spell.

If you were able to deal with a long term problem for x amount of weeks or months, then you can surely manage to handle waiting for x amount of weeks until the spell to remove the problem manifests. The hard part is already over now, you have resorted to magickal means to remove the problem, so you are just one step closer to removing the source of it, don’t ruin it now by dwelling on it or the magick will either not manifest or it may reverse itself.

So many people have told me, but I am forgetting about it. I swear I’m not thinking about it 24/7. Yes you are! Even if you are not thinking about the problem 24/7 you are still thinking about it way too much and I know you are because you contact me every 2-3 days when the problem does not vanish overnight and you ask me what did I do wrong this time? or are you sure the spell you gave me is a good one? Do it usually give good results for you? and so on. Their response tells me they ARE dwelling on it.

The hardest part about this is that some spells require you to forget about the problem for 2-3 weeks maybe even a few months for the goal to manifest which is really hard to do if the problem is so bad that you yearn for immediate results to maintain your happiness and sanity. But if you can forget the source of the problem, even if the source constantly plagues you for the next few weeks or months, then you can achieve almost anything magickal after that.

Look, I am the world’s worst for letting go. If someone crosses the line with me and goes far enough to push my big red “Do NOT push me” button, there is no turning back and that person is now on my vengeance list. Same with helping others, I refuse to give up on people too easily if I know they can be helped but lack the work effort, so I am one of those people that does not let go easily and was recently faced with a situation where I thought the only way to let go and forget about the problem would probably be removing my brain LOL, because it was the main source of my not letting go.

But I got thru it, and now it comes second nature. So if someone as stubborn as I am can effectively practice reversed effort, anyone can. Because I used to be driven solely by my emotions which is a bad mistake, especially when doing magick and in life in general. Emotions are deceitful, they make you act upon what your mind wants you to do at that current time instead of waiting things out and doing what is best for you in the long run. My emotions ruined my life in so many ways over the years that I decided they would no longer have any importance to me at all and now I turn my emotions off almost 24/7 and have a blank look on my face at all times.

People that know me hate this, because they cannot tell if I am happy, sad, angry, what have you by my facial expressions and body language, they have no clue what I am thinking until I speak to make my feelings known. It has served me well. In fact, I have mastered this technique so well that I no longer need medication for bipolar, I have completely forced all bipolar emotions and reactions out of my body and have not been medicated for it in over 4 years, even had to switch doctors because my doc was convinced this was impossible and I was lying to myself, she just kept telling me, you just wait until you have a bipolar fit explosion and it catches up to you.

No she was just mad because I no longer allowed her to charge me for meds I did not need, meds that never even worked back when I thought I did need them. I only wanted to keep going to see my therapist to have someone to vent anger to on occasion in privacy but she would not allow it. But I have practiced the law of reversed effort, of forgetting, of not having any emotional attachment to my workings so much that it changed me for the better in so many ways.


In other words, we all need to realize that our number one enemy can be our emotions if we let them control us.


There is one other thing to take into account here, although it usually is the Operator that is the one not letting go. If the situation they are in is also affecting other people, then there are others injecting parasitic thoughts and emotions into the Working. An example would be a family that is going through some serious financial problems. One member of that family might do a Working, and might be successful in letting go, but the other members of the family are not involved in the Working and their emotions are so strong that it is knocking the Working completely off course.

How about EA’s suggestion for matters that were simply “too pressing” to put out of one’s mind; thought substitution? When anxieties re. your working arise, substitute an image of your desired outcome and smile serenely, knowing that it is done. This is not quite as easy as it sounds. I try and focus on the desired outcome being strong enough to drive all other thoughts from my mind.
Anton LaVey, in one of his writings, said to repeat the performed ritual, until all desire has been thouroughly exhausted. How do you all feel about that particular suggestion.

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Koetting suggests in all his text that you do the ritual once and that in this ritual satisfy all your desires and anxieties

very useful points. I would be the first to admit I am horrible at this. I typical use magic only when a matter is pressing and urgent, so obviously it’s a constantly existing problem that ine couldn’t just forget about while still living or deal with it or its causes. I’m working at using substation of thoughts, visualizing the already positive outcome whenever the matter makes itself knows again.

Something I’m not sure about though and I’ve been wondering anyway, in your opinions if one does mess this up, think too much, attract the opposite outcome by over desiring, ect, is it best to do the workings again, or instead to just pick up where you left off and assume that since the energy is already out there it can still do its thing once you stop reversing?

Don’t repeat the working unless you are certain without a doubt that your thoughts on the ritual have caused it to fail. You don’t want it to end up becoming even more chaotic because you now have 3 of the same ritual floating around out there and all 3 are unresolved. Simply dwelling on it for a few minutes every so often will not reverse the entire thing, but some get worried and think it does so they tend to keep repeating the ritual over and over again without waiting to see what happens or doing divination to find out.

RavensAscent, how dare you talk about me in front of company! You said we’d keep everything between us!

Kidding, everyone. I’m not the person she’s referring to, but her post might as well be about me. I guess we all can get into that rut of getting too attached to results. This Reversed Effort Law is an interesting way of looking at things.

Another thing about why getting too attached sabotages the work is a matter of energy. The way it was explained to me long ago, we’re channeling our energy into these spells for the purpose of letting our energy go forth to get stuff done. Getting attached to results keeps that energy impotent. That energy is stuck there because you’re holding on so tightly to it. Hold on even tighter, and you force the energy back inward when it is trying to go out - this can result in reversed results. Only by letting go can the energy then go to get stuff done.

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Something else I thought may be helpful. This was a response I just gave to someone elsewhere when they asked me how do they know how long it will take for the spell to work if they are new and don’t know how to see or hear demons yet, or don’t know how to scry for answers. What are they supposed to do to know if the spell backfired and needs to be redone, or if it’s just taking longer to manifest.

Well obviously, for a magician who has been practicing magick for quite some time, the results will come sooner because they are more in tuned with their astral senses and most likely, already have several spirits working with them. So for an experienced magician, if no results manifest in 2-3 weeks it’s safe to say that they did something wrong and they should try to reattempt the working. But for someone new to magick or those who are only new to their astral senses, it’s actually not unreasonable for the results to take much longer to manifest.

I have spoken with some newer magicians and the only reason they did not keep redoing the spell is because the results took so long to manifest they forgot all about the ritual eventually and the results came like 6 months later. I guess you could say they were magicians that were not too impatient to wait for the results to manifest but they did not give up on magick. They continued to live a magickal lifestyle but no longer focused on the outcome because they felt maybe the timing was just off, those who were so new that they still believed everything in this world works on a set time schedule. Those who believe they can alter their destiny, but are unaware that they can use magick to rush the results along.

So those who do wait have found it can take 6 months or a year, which is why it’s completely understandable that some would see no results in 10 days, or 2 months and think, I did something wrong let’s try this again. But patience is a virtue, especially amongst magicians for so many reasons. So instead of feeling the need to give up or repeat the same spell 5 times because the results did not come right away, that would be the perfect time to practice learning and strengthening your astral senses while waiting for the results to come. I mean, if you do get tired of waiting more than a week or two, it may serve as a push to rush you along, something to make you devote more time to learning divination and learning how to effectively communicate with entities. Because the quicker you learn these techniques, the sooner you can say you know what, it’s been 8 days and so far nothing, instead of waiting for god knows how many months lets me just ask (insert demon here) what’s going on, or let me consult with my tarot cards and see if it’s working but taking longer than expected or if I messed up and need to go ahead and redo this.

Because no one wants to wait 6 months to see if the results are just taking their good ole time only to find out 2 years later that nothing ever happened. We are human, and we live on different time than entities do so we don’t have that long to wait to find out if something did not work. So all I can do is recommend that everyone practice divination and strengthening their astral senses, and E.A.'s exercises and courses can be very useful for this. Think of it like this.

A couple is trying to have a baby. 8 month have passed and they have been trying almost every day to conceive yet, still no big fat positive on that home pregnancy test. They notice all their friends started trying to have children around same time they did. Only thing is, their friend Jill is pregnant and due any day now. Their friend Amanda is 5 months along, and their friend Samantha is now 2 months pregnant with her 2nd child yet, they have been trying for 8 months and nothing at all. Does the couple keep trying for 10 more years and let fate handle it, or do most couples in this situation say we gotta see a fertility doctor because something may be wrong and we don’t have another 10 years to keep trying.

The sooner the couple admits there may be a problem, the sooner they can see a doctor and find out what can be done so they can have that baby they’ve wanting so badly. So magick is sort of the same way for beginners. Don’t wait around and blame the lack of results on the universe or some entity, instead use that waiting period to perfect your skills. If a spell normally would have taken 7 months to manifest, if you practice exercises to see and hear spirits and start learning to read tarot and scry, if you do it daily or at least as often as you can, you may find that you learn how to do this within just 2 months of practice, so then there’s no need to wait any further. At that point in time, you can just summon the entity you are working with or pull out your scrying bowl, runes, whatever and find out what the hold up is, and effectively come up with a new plan of action.


^ I do that, not always easy but it does seem to work.

I always run into trouble if I get too involved in visualising HOW, precisely, my result will arrive as well - it’s like by focussing on the pipeline I think it will be delivered by, I choke off alternate routes and cause delays.

I pre-ordered a DVD from Amazon a few weeks ago and they promised they’d have it to my on or by the release date, a Monday. I don’t do this often but this was a special situation.

I was absolutely astinished that it arrived on the Sunday morning - the UK doesn’t have a Sunday post delivery, most couriers charge a small fortune just to do Sats never mind Sundays - the point is if I’d let my limited and incorrect belief about how that disc was going to reach me, and kinda followed the postman on his rounds, I’d never have seen the DVD sitting on the doormat 24 hours early!

Magick either works in a similar way, or seems to do so sufficiently in MY life that I use this as a model, and a reminder to myself.

It does help by not getting too involved with your outcome visuals. I usually just visualize the end result until the emotion overwhelms me then I’m done with it. I have also found that if I let it play out like a movie in my head, I do become too focused on it and I tend to keep thinking it about every few days because seeing the end result like some big film in your mind, places utter importance on the end result and your brain starts saying this is so important you should dwell on this like every other day.

That’s why E.A. always stresses to just picture the end result for a few minutes, feel the emotion until you can’t feel it anymore and let it go when you reach the point where you could care less either way what really happens, because deep down you have no doubt that it will happen. So by saying eh, it either happens or it doesn’t, your brain doesn’t place that extreme importance on it.


ok for a very summary about you said in this post so much negative emotions and overthinking is not good for a magick work so i put in this situation if i want to came back with a ex next i need to stop thinking and feeling what a feel when she breaks up with me then when im in a good “mind set” i think that is a good option to proceed do something or not if i said yes i can perfom a ritual and overhelming the ritual and visualisation with a feeling of victory and forget about the situation cause deep in me i know that this will happen.

I love this post. I needed a reminder of a few things.

I wish you had entitled it

“Instant working love spell 100% guaranteed results”

So it can be easily found by those who need to read it most :wink:


Hooo, this is an old thread but it 100% came at the right time. Honestly I needed to hear this. I cast a spell to allow love to grow between myself and my ex (because of COURSE I did), and sometimes I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about if it’s gonna work. I’m taking this time to remind myself that since I’m really new at casting, it’s gonna take awhile. I’m also taking the time to just do me. Work out, get a new place, study magick and think of a kickass Halloween costume. Kinda like when I’m waiting for my baked potatoes to finish and I start making a salad in the meantime.

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