Reverse cursing... a theory

Bear with me, this could be a wild ride :laughing:
So I’m spit-balling ideas here, and feedback as always, is very welcome.

Now when I say, reverse cursing, I don’t mean undoing anything. Far from it.
I’m going more along the lines of, "too much of a good thing"

  • Instead of performing breakup spells, why not perform a love & binding spell.
    Why not bind your ex and their new lover so closely together that they suffocate each other & can see every single flaw between them?

  • Instead of cursing for financial ruin, why not send them more success than they could possibly handle or manage?

  • Is he/she a liar, cheat etc? Why not bring them with more partners than they can keep secret and all the follies that come along with that (STDs, reputation ruin etc)?

Its still obviously a curse in its most basic form, but more aligned with THEIR internal flow, rather than yours. The outcome, is in effect the same desired result, but instead of fighting against the tide, you’re flowing with it.

Like I said, purely letting out some ideas here - this isn’t a method I’ve tried personally, but would love to hear if anyone else has and your results or thoughts :smiley:


Good ideas

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I wouldn’t say this is reverse cursing, I’d say this is cursing with intelligence and wisdom. Use their own energy against them, and use only as much strength as is absolutely required. A bomb against one individual is overkill, but against an army is insufficient. Patience is for the prosperous.


This :heart:

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You’re such a clever girl… or should I say, if you allow, clever witch? :grin:

If someone loves pizza, and you want him to stop eating pizza, it’s hard to make him not eat it or not finding pizza, instead throw so much more pizza on him, that they will start hating it :smiley:

Give the person more of what he/she desires, until they are buried under their own desires lol

Only issue with this I see, if their greed for their desire (or maybe fault in the eyes of another) is too big and it can’t be satisfied… how you go then about it?


This I have experienced as a sort of “reverse curse,” in the sense that something negative occurs to push me in a more positive direction. For example, in the past I have been somewhat on-and-off with regular exercise and healthy eating. Once, I fell to such a point (while also doing other unhealthy things like smoking - I usually use a vape) where I started to notice the very unpleasant effects my habits were having on me, and it made me appreciate why I keep to a good diet and such. I even got to the point where I was craving fuckin broccoli like it was chocolate or something, it was kind of crazy.

Also, as an interesting observation, this all happened while working with Beelzebub, which is similar to the experiences that many of the other BALG folks have reported, even though we were using different methods. I think there’s an important lesson about magick right there.

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This is certainly something to consider, especially if the person is very stubborn or a glutton I’d imagine.

Fascinating you would say this, I’ve been feeling very drawn to working with Baal / Beelzebub as of late!

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