Reverse Candle Magic: The Body as The Candle

I did this as I was feeling quite lazy and not in a position to break out my Black Candle again for uncorssing myself even further.

So this is what I did
(Note this is an example of a Simple Uncrossing rite. The technique is what matters.)

  1. Lie down and cross your arms in a X shape and ball your fists.

  2. Meditate on your body Being the Black Candle, your mind being the Wick, your sweat/energy being the Wax, and your Crown Chakra being the flame.

  3. Meditate on pulling in energy from your environment through your breath and pushing energy from every chakra up your spine to your Crown Chakra.

So you will channel both the energy of the environment (external, macrocosm) and the Chakras (internal, Microcosm) together up your spine into your Crown Chakra.

  1. Continue to do this until your Crown Chakra burst into black flames. Invoke the Fire element after that happens directly into your crown.

  2. Charge yourself with the desire, in this case Uncrossing yourself.

  3. Feel the energy of said desire being translated into the higher worlds through your crown chakra (the flame of the “candle”). At this point give a Oration/Invocation of your desire and that you command it to be done.
    (i.e. "By the Powers of Darkness, This crossing has come to an end…etc etc)

  4. You will feel when all energy has been exhausted and has left you. When this happens, close the meditation and open your eyes.


Notes: If you feel a burning sensation after doing this, the uncrossing is working and has succeeded. Prepare for one hell of a detox :metal::joy:

Like i said earlier, this was only an example. Change the color of the flame and Oration/Invocation according to the goal. Everything else stays the same.

Invoke A spirit into yourself While doing this to power it even further. Pls make sure the Spirit is actually related to the goal (e.g. Black/Satan/Control…Red/Asmodeus/Lust…Green/Bune/Money, etc.)

Planetary forces can be substituted for environmental factors if you dont like your environment and its energies or are unable to cleanse.





I like that you’re very creative & innovative in your rituals. :+1:

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I’m gonna shamelessly steal this technique, and hack it to be even more effective.



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I will most definitely see you in Astral Court

Sues for intellectual copyright infringement


I just did it as a road-opener kinda while listening to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. It felt interesting, and I feel like there’s going to be pretty solid manifestation.


Who would be your lawyer? Please play this out. :laughing:


Devils Advocate


I think he would be judge, jurror and executioner :thinking:

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@Raspbreeze He’d have to actually get past my protections and 40 demons, as well as my god stone and all the other spirits beholden to me to be executioner.


You want some pizza ?

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I like that I necro-ed this thread & it came back to life. Cyber-necromancy ftw!


Woah I didn’t even notice it wasn’t alive!

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Satan :smiling_imp:
He is The Great Accuser after all

Or Belial

Or Kalfu

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Oh yes

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Lmao you are quite a few steps behind :smirk::sunglasses::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

My protections are pretty potent, maybe not the biggest in scope, but I’m sure I could deal with whatever you sent my way.

Also, I have a 7 inch dick, so I got that big dick energy going for me too.

I pictured Belial… in a suit, hehe, which is why I asked.



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