Reverse an exorcism

Ok so this is a short novel, and im trying to be detailed enough to give understanding but not so much that you all want to sleep from boredom.

When i was little before religion I had connection to my guides/daemons, full connection to my natural abilities etc. Then came religion and that muted much after my first rosary. Went into trance and Jesus introduced me to the Catholic concept of hell and I knew from age 6 that is where I was going.
So fast forward 11 years, I had a Catholic exorcism at age 17, which was 14 years ago now.
This was brought on by an abnormal amount of weird shit that started happening to me after I began dating a dude who was Wiccan and claimed he was the Prince of hell.

Anyway, I ended up ending that relationship after the guy blew up at me (the irony of me saying that after I have talked about my current situation is hilarious).
Due to my extreme naivete and upbringing, I didn’t understand what all this stuff was that was happening so I started reading Catholic books on the angels and demons, well that was just loaded with the Catholic hate of magick and the occult which made matters so much worse.

So long story short, through that self imposed stuidity plus my own overly religious mother, I was convinced that the dude was planning on making me some kind of sexual human blood sacrifice and it scared me enough to get an exorcism.

So the stuff that scared me at the time, were things like having physical sensations of being raped in my sleep, I considered it rape at the time as I was still a virgin (not just any virgin but the kind that doesn’t even kiss until she is engaged type of virgin) I also had the feeling of being watched, I had a serious obsession over this guy, I would hear voices and just some other general weird, for me at that time, stuff. (Looking back now, i know the guy used some lust spells on my dumb ass)

honestly, I hope the dude is doing well because he helped me get to my current path.

Ok enough back story onto the exorcism. Durng the ritual a lot odd things occurred, belching and sweating etc. Then came the portion where they prayed for my afflictions to be removed, this is where a lot of my natural spiritual talents/abilities/gifts were severely dulled and I literally felt cut off from them (I realize now that a part of the ritual was cord cutting) this caused a shit ton of further issues for me. Mentally and emotionally and spiritually. I didnt connect the dots about cord cutting and all that in the beginning, until last 5 or so years.

So fast forward to the Super moon of Sept 13 2019, a friend of mine and another did a reversal ritual, which helped, but it was all Wicca and lighter magick. Which was awesome, but I feel was lacking on my part.

So all that blathering being done, I wonder if there is a more potent way to go about reversing it and getting back in contact with my gifts and guides?


Mint alcohol Epson salt bath then do an invocation to help gain your powers back… depends on your path lhp or rhp call the higher ups

And I’m glad your doing better by the way


You can ask one of the spirits you trust and work with regularly to help you. Azazel helped me restore my senses when some weird crap was done to me. Gave me a nasty headache but it worked.



I can relate to you as I had an exorcism done too. Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them that I’ve had an exorcism. It was quite an experience for me as I began to vomit non stop. Almost shitted on myself. My entire body was on fire. I felt like I was burning from the inside. It was intense. I had a group of people praying over me. I don’t know if I should have allowed the exorcism to be done.


How did you handle yours afterwards? And how are you now? That sounds like a super intensely unpleasant experience for sure. And yeah I wish someone would have been able to talk me out of mine. I got told I was legit crazy by others for having it done. Which they didnt understand why I had it done to begin with. And I look back and wish I had had the courage to think and believe for myself instead of being a people pleaser. But that’s hind sight now lol


I will try that out. Currently I’m working with lilith, hekate, and vine. and after the advice from my other post i just started talking with belial and Dantalion and astarte. The only I guess pacts I have are with lilith, hekate and luci. and I did a little evoke of vine. But I’ll need to do a proper one in the future. After I start from the beginning. I jumped head first into my pacts with lilith, luci and hekate and had to learn some rather severe lessons from it. Its all good now, but it did teach me that I need to get myself of my own darkness first. If you know what i mean.

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Hello Lucy,

I was going through a very dark period in my life when I decided to get an exorcism. Everything was horrible in my life. My son’s father left me. I found out he had lied to me throughout the entire relationship. The entire relationship was a fraud. He stole from me. Left me in debt. He told people lies about me and my son. I was having horrible luck. My finances were in shambles. I had my car repossessed. I remember that I kept having nightmares, and I used to see a shadow person stare at me at night. So, I had readings done by two different people. A Santero and a Voodoo priest. These people didn’t know each other. But, both individuals gave me the same reading. I also learned that whatever was being done to me was starting to affect my son. So, I was desperate and I needed the help because I was in a hole. Hmm I remember the feeling of going through that exorcism was intense. It was like being burned from the inside. I sometimes wonder… if I needed the exorcism and if a part of me was lost. How did I deal with going through the exorcism? I dealt with the exorcism by getting involved in Haitian voodoo. The priest that performed the exorcism and who was helping me “took me under his wing”. I was in a vulnerable place so I was eager to learn and protect myself and son. I spent thousands of dollars in attempting to learn the art of Haitian voodoo, but I realized that my voodoo priest didn’t really want to teach me. He was greedy and money hungry. So, I cut him off and that resulted in us having a fall out. I lost faith in working with Haitian Voodoo practitioners. But, something that always stayed in mind was that my former voodoo priest would always associate everything I showed him with being bad or a demon. I always wonder why he always told me. No, that’s bad. That’s a demon. I was like… why does he always bring up demons or associates demons with me? So, when we had a fall out. I went into prayer mode. Belial was the demon that came to me. I just didn’t know it was Belial. I made it a mission to find out who the demon was. I came across the Goetia and King Belial and King Lucifer have been helping me since then. To this day, I know that King Belial and King Lucifer have always known me. I know that I have worked with them in my other lives. They feel like they are a part of me. I’m just working on rediscovering everything in this current life.

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Very interesting story. I am curious how long was the exorcism, and was this done by a Catholic priest? Was the exorcism successful, did it banish the spirit that was attacking you and causing your afflictions?


Mine was done by the main exorcist out of Rome fr Gabriel Amroth and one of his underlings who’s name I can’t freaking remember. Amroth was in the US visiting back in 2006 when I had mine and his underling was from a close by dioceses to mine at the time. It lasted about 1-2 hours. My case was considered obsession and oppression not quite full possession. And in fact it didn’t banish shit from my life, the entity still bothered me just not as persistantly, and the whole sham just cut me off from myself and my gifts for a long while. And to top it off, That spirit or being came back when my first husband came to visit me for the first time. And as his relationship and mine progressed my mental and emotional health regressed and I would get really bad night terrors and sleep paralysis. That all stopped when he and I got divorced and I met my current husband, becasue of him I’m no longer afraid of the dark or myself.


Did the church have any clue as to why you were hearing voices and under demonic oppression and come to the church for an exorcism?

When you’re first exorcism failed did you go back and request a longer full rite of exorcism to completely banish the spirit, perhaps a full eight hours. Could the church give you a reason why there exorcism failed?

To be honest they didn’t know what the voices were. They figured I was experiencing obsession and oppression from the dude I had been dating before I had my exorcism. (I lived in Cali growing up which is where I met mr prince of hell, after he and i Broke up, my family and i moved to ky) And during the process it just didn’t feel right. A lot of the cord cutting they did involved my preternatural gifts. The only thing he wasnt able to cut was my extreme thoughts of lust. Which I had been experiencing from a young young age. They said that one would have to be removed through fasting and penance.

I can tell you that the voices came during my night paralysis. I would wake with the feeling of something trying to force themselves onto me, in my mind i would be screaming the Holy names, it wiuld come out as a murmuring in reality, and when I opened my eyes I sae a dark figure in my room that lept back off of me into the shadows. Another time during an episode of sleep paralysis I woke to myself arguing with a being that had no face but very much reminded me of golden from the lord of the rings.

I told it it had no right to be here and needed to leave. It had no right to be in me. At which the being told me it was a part of me and i would learn someday.

This was right around the time of my exorcism. After that everything cooled off and I didn’t experience any of that oppression until
my ex came over for the first time and slept at my parents house, he was sleeping in my brothers room. But every time i closed my eyes I could feel his breath on my neck anf hear his voice saying my name. I would open my eyes and turn over telling him to knock it off and go back to my brothers room only to find the room empty. That happened 5 times that first night.

He went back home, he lived two states away which was why he stayed at my parents house while visiting me. then the next couple visits my ex started to moleset me. He knew my values and morals but took advantage of my weakness.( I met him online right after a really bad breakup with essentially my first real boyfriend at the age of 17, I was so blind, the guy used me and our relationship to get back with his ex. I thought I was in love with that guy. And he was my first kiss, which in my mind meant he was my forever. He knew I was saving my first kiss for the man i would marry. And then he used me like i was a puppet. As I said in the original post I was a virgin still and very naive. So Anyway after that heartache I met my ex husband online. )
My ex would come to visit and weird shit would happen. Which is odd because we were both catholics.

And I realize this all makes me sound like a whiney victim of happenstance…at the time I totally was.

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Sorry if the above post is hard to read… Im typing this up on my phone…and I currently suck at grammar still…

Interesting, so this so-called exorcist had no knowledge why all this was happening. Unreal. IMO it was a generational hex and your family was a target from someone who practices the craft.

Did you follow up with the church after the exorcism, do you know if the priest suffered any afflictions or attacks after he performed the exorcism?

You moved from California all the way to Kentucky, that’s over 2,500 miles east, did the activity and voices completely stop when the move was finalized or did it continue?

Before the voices started or with the voices did you feel a cool breeze or air out of nowhere?

No I never followed up with the church. I just looked up the exorcist Amroth, he passed away in 2016. I’m not sure about the other one. He was much younger. And I am unable to find anything out about him or even remember his name.

Every once in awhile there was that rush of cold, not associated with any voices and nothing in the last ten years comes to mind though.
To be honest, I think like you say, it is a generational thing. There was a lot of bad crap that happened to the women in my family. And I feel pretty certain that I have a very dense pain body (ekhart tolls talks about them). I know It’s been trying hard to feed lately.

After my move the voices kept on, but again only during sleep paralysis. And no I’m not schizoid. I was worried about that. But thats not the case. Ive made sure.


Could this be the character Glorfindel from the Lord of the Rings, the blond haired warrior, as opposed to golden?

I don’t know if I understood everything correctly, exorcism is only effective on salacious creatures. I always use what I have learned and in no way does it bother some of the dark forces with whom I work. When, someone makes a spell to get to you sexually. Your psychic is strongly attacked,your abilities can be hindered and parasitic., you can be fucked by the person astrally and it can stick you with spirits that abuse you, in dreams or during sleep paralysis. hearing voices very frequently is being parasitized by spirits. If I was you, I would try to purify myself as much as possible. It’s never good to have been in contact with people who practice magic, a medium, a psychic or an exorcist. It’s a golden rule for me, you never know their real intentions and it’s especially to avoid the shit they generate and attract through their practice.
You can very well recover shit from these people and then, being close to such a person is letting him have access to a part of your soul and it’s very dangerous. That’s why you need a good family and friendly environment.


It was supposed to say Gollum not golden.

So this all makes sense. Except the salacious spirit was the only thing they werent able to remove. What they tried to remove was my ability to foretell, see when people would die, my dream visions, my ability to remote view and my ability to commune with my guides and familiars. Essentially they tried to cut the cord to everything that was naturally mine to begin with. Things which had no relation to the craft.

The sexual stuff was present in my life from a young age, not just from the onset of the wiccan dude. The stuff that happened with him was just extra weird. I have always managed to find myself in weird situations with other kids from age 3 on. It was always them initiating, and with the girls it was always them putting me in the opposite gender role as well. So that little mind fuck did not help when i was a teenager discovering her sexual identity…often being teased for looking like a boy.

On a side note I think there may have been some form of molestation done to me when I was younger, I’m not sure though if it was of a physical nature if that makes any sense, but i honestly dont have any hard memories of it and I can remember back to when I was 12 months old, and I assume the possibility of molestation because I have always been sexual in my thoughts and dreams and I was externally sexualized by others my own age or slightly older.

On a generational note, I know that on my fathers side my grandmother was a practitioner of the occult, she passed away long ago, but when I speak to her now she is nothing but kind. My father was a practicing occultist when he was in the military back in the eighties. Both he and my mother were in the army and they had some interesting experiences with the military’s research on the occult.

Now, My maternal grandmother was victimized terribly (she was gang raped) when she was a 7 or 8 year old little girl on her way home from attending catholic mass, and she never got help with that. Her parents were mules for boot leggers during the prohibition era, who would straight up brawl over the last drop of booze in the bottle. So she had no emotional or mental support from her fsmily after being raped. So She tried to commit suicide at age 9 by drinking an entire bottle of rat poison or stricnine and failed. Her body rejected it, After wards she was schizoid. She joined a catholic cult, or schizmatic group, in her 40’s. I know She had a hard fucking life and she was very bitter and mean from it. She passed away back 2003 or so. She bothers me everyonce in a while, mostly if I’m near a medium and then it’s them she goes after. I know she definetly doesn’t approve of my spiritual beliefs or practices.

So as far as being around magicians, im sure it’s been something ive always been around and due to my sensitivity to energy and esthetic states, i may have been used to draw energy from. I have no evidence for this though just a gut feeling.

And yeah I learned a vaulable and difficult lesson from the whole ordeal. Thankfully I have been retieng my cords and they are getting stronger. I just want to see if there is a ritual or rite that would help me heal them fully and reconnect me to my inner nature. Which after explaining the golem creature, makes sense. I understand that it was my shadow nature which is why I couldn’t remove it.

Ive done some Jungian dream work. So going into my basement essentially l, and I discovered that My pain body or parasite is a disgusting cannibalistic extremely obese woman in her late 40’s. with two younger selves. One a child that is maybe 7 or 8 the other a young adult maybe 18-25. They stay in a perfectly white clean room in my basement. When I found them they were feasting on the dismemebered bodies of my sacred masculine. This was a fucked up dream state I enetered for this. And its a long one. Suffice to say. I wont receive external help from an authority figure to remove her. Apparently I have to kill her myself.

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This bit here confuses me some. So a few of my friends practice magic, should I avoid them? I also have known a few mediums and have the ability to commune myself. How do i handle that. I avoid priests and everything catholic like the plague. Well except i do still visit my parents who are still practicing hard core roman Catholics.

I guess what i am asking is if you could clarify what you mean by avoiding other magick practicioners.

Exorcism is a difficult thing to reverse. I believe your best shot at doing so is undergoing a soul retrieval.