Reversals ...grrrrrrrrrr

Hello everyone just putting this out there.

Please let me start by saying I’m fairly new to reading tarot about 6 months in. It has always been accurate and I confirmed with my spirit from the beginning if she was sending messages through reversals and she always confirmed no via the pendulum.

Maybe that’s how she communicates with me because I always understand the message . But I also have an app on my phone and it irritates me because the app does reversals.

Here is the part that agitates me about reversals…

From what I have read and noticed unless you are already working with reversals and that’s natural to you , ok but it gets confusing because for example the King of Pentacles upright could be interpreted as financial stability etc… but when people see reversals they automatically assume that it means the polar opposite of the upright and sometimes that just doesn’t make sense to me.

Like I’m sorry but I don’t see that getting the devil card upright means that you conquer your vices while drawing a reversed indicates that you are a vile twat lol

Am I making sense? I’m just trying to say I guess that I believe the cards should all tell a story and wether or not one was reversed I feel like it takes away from it a little bit when you have to switch it up. I feel that’s kind of a basic way of looking at the cards.

Comment away lol :slight_smile:

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If you don’t like reversed cards, don’t use em. There are many folks who simply interpret the card without using any upside-down. I believe that, unless you’re working with a specific entity, Tarot is generally guided by your “higher” self, the part of you that intrinsically already knows what’s up. In which case, you should use the cards in a way that feels right to you and interpret them in your own way.


EA covers his thoughts on this topic in the mastering Div course, which I highly recommend. My understanding and interpretation of this approach, is as follows. By properly consecrating your cards and charging each card with the emotional content you personally recieve from the card (which is time consuming but absolutely worthwhile), then you will have a strong empathic connection to the feel of the cards. So following this thought, if a card comes out reversed and you feel its significant based on the your IMMEDIATE gut feel (see it say it as EA says),esp in relation to the rest of the spread…then make the call. Basically you will intuitively know when this is relevant and when it us not. But most times, at least using the Mastering Div method, the card is the card and the read is based on feel.
The goal is to tap into the current below the surface of whatever method of divination you are using and trust yourself.


Preach it.

I don’t use reverse meanings and my castings are accurate. Pisses me off sometimes they are so accurate :unamused:

So it’s not necessary, but whatever the choice is you ought to talk with your deck so your buds know what’s up. Otherwise communication might be messy while stuff is getting figured out.


Awesome thanks everyone because this shit was frustrating me!!! Lol i thought it was compulsory to use reversals but a lot of times my intuition was like…um no