Reversal of Satanic Dedication Ritual

@Otherion I have arrived!
I have a sigil for canceling all previously binding spiritual contracts. It’s a bear to use but effective.

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The sigil to release yourself from all previously binding spiritual contracts. These are contracts that we have ‘signed’ throughout the aeons; contracts with other beings (“I won’t leave without you”) and contracts with identities (“I am a supergod”), that result in self-sabotaging behavior in the present – such as not claiming godhood. To dissolve these contracts, run your hand over the sigil from left to right, or just look at it, and declare distinctly
“Let all unholy alliances be undone, from me towards others, from others towards me, or in any other form; Cheverech Huvasvi Aranas Hustavi.”


I have a question to all. Why would you enter into a contract in the first place only to take it back later?

Put a time limit on those things :slight_smile: For this reason I only work with the gatekeepers, I will not do a contract unless I am 100% committed.



? Not sure what this was supposed to mean

@Aprentiz This… As in I was agreeing with what you said? :roll_eyes:

:heart: Satan :heart: is everything, He is the Sungod, he is the lifegiver, is love, Sex, beauty, joy, black magic and beyond being the ruler of the World, he is also the ruler of the Qliphot.

Athah Gibor Leohlam Satan
Agios o Satanas

Time limits can be useful but in my experience saying “fuck off no” seems to work alright

Thanks :pray:

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LOL ok thanks, I couldn’t tell :slight_smile:
Learn something new every day.

Satan will not force himself on anyone who doesn’t want him around. Be kind and tell him kindly, and he will leave you alone.

Dude, the point of the dedication ritual or as you crudely put it, “pact” (which it isn’t, because your not bound to anything or any set of rules) is to prove to Satan that you’re all in, and to show him that you are serious about getting to know him. If you did the ritual just to give the middle finger to Christianity, then you did it for all the wrong reasons. And as has been said by countless others replying to this, it’s not the rituals fault that you wanted to kill yourself or that you did drugs, that’s all on you buddy, because if you blame a ritual that was given to JoS ministries by Satan himself, then your blaming Satan, and that’s an all time low dude.

Get off your high horse. Although Maxine was seen as a Nazi and there was somewhat controversy of the site due to some inaccurate propositions deemed fact and its own fixated ideology of Christianity and Jews (which didn’t bother me but maybe others?), you must understand back then it truly was a source that people mostly know about and examined.

That was the first site I visited that imposed ideas and intrigue for me. It was where a lot of people either started or referred to.

It doesn’t matter where, it’s a matter of where you’ve went with it.

JOS has some really dope meditations to be honest… Like way to dope…and legit. Way too dope than most of the gatekeeper rituals I see around

Hardcore chakra work…energy manipulation lots of facts here n there… I still view it a source of really fundamental info… The Jew agenda… Well…decided to sidetrack that a bit

Satan is adversary of lies… Dogma… BS… Etc… So if you want to “reverse”…a rite then you better be prepared for its effects and this is not a threat or anything… Just so you know these are intelligent entities of their own thinking and reversing a rite just to “soothe” away the guilt in your mind CAN be taken really seriously and you MAY be left to exert your SOVEREIGNTY and DO YOUR WILL on this realm as you please… Just be ready to take on anything… "reversing a rite just because it has you saying you renounce all past allegiances with an excuse that this may hinder your “sex life” is just hypocritical .SATAN is the liberator and I’m sure from your experience you KNOW VERY WELL he wants you to have all the sex in the world you can… So… bon voyage