Reversal of Satanic Dedication Ritual

Hello everyone,

6 years ago I had decided on doing this silly thing (aka dedicating my soul to Satan). I was young, had just hit a low point in life and really, coming from an atheistic background, I just wanted spiritual teddy bear, and Satan, I had decided was going to be it. So, just like a typical religious zealot of any sort, I had done the dedication ritual without much forethought.

Looking back at it, it wasn’t good idea and now, rereading the dedication, the renounce any and all past allegiances really doesn’t seem like the best choice.

From what I could gather over the years, Satan is really good at providing what you want and giving opportunity to transcend things through realizing worldly desires (such as sex). I just wasn’t ready or cut-out for that kind of path nor was I under the impression that it was going to be as such when I signed the pact. It’s a whole rabbit hole of a conversation which I don’t want to get into it right now because I’ve never really done an evocation of Satan and I can’t really tell for sure what was his doing and what was not.

But overall, when I start considering psychiatric drugs and writing suicide letters, I think its safe to say that things aren’t working out very well. Through adversity I was able to realize some critical things about myself and heal them but I’ve also lost a lot in the process and I’m just not cut out for this kind of approach to things. Again, I’m not sure how much of it was Satan’s doing but I’ve been through with the whole worshiping of deities thing anyway and this is just a formality at this point. Albeit, a needed one.

Also, I’m aware this forum is not meant to be my personal journal but please excuse me, its just been a little tough for me lately and I view the above as not just a message to you but to also Satan himself.

So, with that said, would you help me devise a reverse ritual and perhaps share experiences or opinions if you have any? I was thinking writing out on a piece of paper something along the lines of:

“I disavow ever signing my name over to Satan. I forswear all satanic appointments, arrangements, deeds and allegiance that I made with the Adversary. I choose to be a sovereign being, independent of worship to any spirit or entity”

or simply

“I renounce the dedication ritual that I’ve done for Satan and renounce him as my God. I choose to be a sovereign being, independent of worship to any spirit or entity.”

Sign my name in blood, burn paper and it that’s it.

Also, if there’s anyone offering services such as consultation or divination or such please leave a message or PM me.

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I like this, but I wouldn’t sign your name in blood. I see that as a sort of tribute to a spirit, a gift, and you arent giving a gift of your own blood to yourself; that doesnt make sense.


Actually I believe I saw a ritual on here somewhere the could cancel counterproductive spiritual contracts… but i’ve got to summon @ObsidianWarrior

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Omg. But why JOS of all places? :roll_eyes:

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Maybe because about a decade ago they were the only mainstream source some people knew about? Kind of like you’re here on this forum because now it’s the most mainstream source people know about? Is it that hard for you to understand that a decade or so ago things weren’t as openly available as now? :man_facepalming:


They were the first thing that popped up when I googled “Satan” and the rest was history.

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Um… The church of Satan was founded in 1966 and laveyan satanism was VERY popular in the 80’s and 90’s (just look at any metal band from that time period) so I’m not entirely sure I understand your “decade ago” reference. I also don’t understand what you mean about me being on the forum because it’s a mainstream source. I joined because of a Google search result of a member talking about current 218 (which I am). face palm

I did this over a decade ago. And I don’t really see it as something binding, nor do I believe you could actually dedicate your soul to somebody and have them own it. I think the best thing about this ritual for somebody coming from either a Christian or soft Atheist / Agnostic background, is that it kind of shocks your system, it’s a taboo, and you’re breaking it.

In doing so what you accomplish by doing this is overcoming a massive part of Christian or JCI conditioning, by giving a middle finger to fear and taking a dive down the deep end.

Once again, this is just bullshit, and any pact only means what you want it to mean. Don’t think about it too much.

So you’re blaming your mental state on some dedication ritual you did more than half a decade ago? :face_with_monocle: This seems kind of ridiculous to me man. I think it’s your responsibility to claw yourself out of whatever hole you got yourself into, not some spirit’s. And by projecting one’s failures onto others you will never overcome what you need to overcome. All that’s going to happen after this, is you’re going to blame something else.

I myself did this over a decade ago, and ironically my life has only gotten better since then. Have there been shitty times? Yeah, but ultimately, I’m in a much better place since then. So my experience is that the pact is harmless, and I think you should look to yourself.

You could do this, but in reality dude, it’s unnecessary because your will is what mattered in that pact. And as stated above, the ritual itself isn’t actually binding at all, but is useful in destroying some JCI conditioning. You’re as free as a bird spiritually, you’re looking for enemies behind a bush that aren’t even there.


Yeah, the Church of Satan which is atheistic, therefore repulsive to anyone interested in any sort of spirituality, or at the very least, don’t consider spirits to be constructs of the mind :man_facepalming: If you want to be rude and start an argument, maybe you should take those factors mentioned above into account.

I come from South Africa where we didn’t have occult bookstores when I was coming up except for Wiccan bullshit. What we did have was a coven called the Age of Satan connected to the Joy of Satan, therefore it was a massive thing in South Africa, Joy of Satan that is. It served as a gateway for many. This is also true for many occultists today, because a decade or so ago, they were extremely popular, and while people may have moved on from them, they have been a gateway to spiritual and mental liberation.

As such I think you shouldn’t be quick to judge people who had such a monumental impact, when you yourself have had none. Your opinion of them doesn’t change their contribution to the occult in the West.

So you joined this forum because of google search results, because it’s high up in the search rankings, due to popularity, thus mainstream. Thanks for proving my point. You seem to prove the stereotype about blondes correct when you so ignorantly neglect to notice that you just contradicted yourself.


This just serves to prove my point regarding their popularity.

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Yeah no, just no dude. not going to bother reading that. Because you’re just projecting your frustration on me and baiting me into arguing with you because you have nothing better to do with your time. Judging by your post history you seem to do that to other people quite alot. Why? No thanks. If you could refrain from tagging me anymore that would be great. thanks :kiss:

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I agree with you on a lot of these points and I myself have nearly forgotten about the pact altogether. It is indeed foolish to blame this pact for all the shit that has happened to me. In fact, I remember signing the pact because things weren’t so good in the first place lol.

However, looking at what the pact is saying, it’s some heavy stuff and I did willingly sign the words with my blood so, I can’t help but think that it carries some weight. In my mind it can’t hurt to reverse it just to be on the safe side, you know?

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I understand, in fact, I wasn’t in a good place at the time either man, but I primarily did it because I wanted to believe, and felt, like there was something much more to life that I was missing out on.

It certainly can’t hurt at all. But what I want you to know, that the only weight it has, is what you give it. It doesn’t actually limit you from doing anything, it’s just a very good method of eradicating some Christian mentality very early on in my opinion.

If this ritual makes you feel better you should definitely do it, but as I’ve said, I haven’t felt the need to and am into much different currents right now. Good luck man.


Okay you’re really dumb dude. Reread what I said. Go reread it. I’ll wait.

You must be blonde yourself. That’s just hilarious :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Don’t want to reread it? Fine I guess I’ll just repeat myself. I joined because SOMEONE WAS TALKING ABOUT CURRENT 218, not because of a popular search result. Away with your male ego.

I’m very glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing your experience, it helps me to put things into perspective as far as the pact is concerned.


Relax, I harbor no animosity towards you. Have a pleasant day.


I feel the same way. I belive satanism is for develop spiritualy and developing the soul. To dedicate my soul to Satan in the eyes of all demons/demonesses for me was to let them know i was ready to start developing.

I see Satan as a good friend. I belive he have a watching eye on my development as many others do. After i dedicated my soul i felt protected. And heard.