There’s this person who has ruined my social life to an extent I fear Interacting with people’s. He came In as a friend but turned out to be the worst person I’ve ever met. While I’m working on Improving my life again, I won’t let this person be at peace. I’m constantly burning with the flame of revenge. I want to take him to the edge of Insanity, fill his mind with screeching voices. So, he can’t concentrate on a single thing he Indulges In.
What Book/Entity shall I look Into?


The Goetia or Angels of Wrath.
Search here for ‘vengeance curse’.


I have been in the same situation. I had a Narcissist make it his life to dismantle my life for years. Oh, I feel you

I layered with Raum to destroy his reputation and his ability to be believed by everyone.

I also used King Belial and Glasya Labolas, Dra talon and Agares.

If this person is a Narcissist, you need to control his mind and break him down . I used black skull candle hoodoo workings for this with inflammatory confusion

The master curse is also an option for you.


Thank you for the reference.
BTW which book has the master curse ritual?

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Magickal attack by Gordon Winterfell I believe.


There are many good books regarding curses, but the ones below are the most popular ones.

Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield

Angels of Wrath by G.W.

Demons of Wrath by Corwin Hargrove

Baneful magick by EA .

Curses, Hexes & Crossing by S. Connoly


If you’re not opposed to calling upon deities, contact the Furies. Those ladies can and will unleash hell.