Revenge on a Spirit

I’m sorry if this has already been asked but I looked everywhere in the forum and couldn’t really find anything about it now let’s say you have a spirit you trust so much with your life to the point the you sacrifice alot for said spirit and was willing to die for said spirit and this spirit secretly stabbed you in the back and you wish to take revenge on it what is the spirit the you would you call for the I know the alot of people here take revenge on people in the psysical but nothing about a spiritual being

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Depending on the level of power the spirit possesses there are spells out there designed to trap, enslave, or just outright destroy spirits and harvest their power. Though I have only really observed these in hidden traditions and paths and very rarely in western magick. Some examples I’ve seen in traditions related to Taoist paths that harness ghosts and demons by calling on higher gods or specific tools to trap and command them. Bagua mirrors are one way though I have had great success using tools related more to chaos magick and radionics by targeting the spirit and projecting a balancing rate and pattern at it that nullifies its own energy and suppresses it until it withers away.

All depends on the power of the spirit however if it is one of the more well known ones such a goetic demon those are constantly created and reinforced as thoughtforms and egregores by the ‘worship’ the receive from other magicians so cancelling them is a lot harder and even if you do succeed they tend to have a way of being reborn as some other steps up to the mantle and adopts the name and powers. For something that strong you might be best just destroying the particular manifested aspect that wronged you, it won’t harm the overall being but the iteration that did it will be taught a lesson.

Of course success is always the best revenge and reaching an ascended state on par with it would be a great way to personally sucker punch it in time but that is a lifetime of dedication.


Tough thread…I’ll grab a seat


I do not wish to kill them this might sound dark but I wish to mostly Torture them I had a death god attack me my like 3 weeks ago and another being did the same last week doing sleep paralysis or the state where you are asleep but yet wake and I couldn’t move my body and all I’m muster to say was fuck off to both them while they attack once I fully snap out it I did a banishing ritual which to some extent pissed me off because banishing ritual banishes the being it doesn’t really causes any harm I want to make an example of those who attack me for no reason

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Considering how these beings operate doubt it was a full on death god and sleep paralysis is a natural occurrence of the body going to sleep at times the mind remains too aware while the body does its thing. It is also a precursor to projection and a lot of visions of demons in this state is just hallucination and thoughtform of the mind panicking in the inbetween state. Either way sounds like nullification or capture is what you want then and I would look into those methods though escalating things isn’t going to really set an example it will probably just bring more trouble by that idea rather than just dealing with the threat efficiently.

May also want to just focus on your own mind and system for a while to sort out internal stuff. Sounds odd but it tends to fix a lot of these problems through various means that come as a result of such personal work. Gives you more room to operate and judge properly.


Maybe it wasn’t a full on death god but something the had some control over death also I’m aware of sleep paralysis and I don’t usually get into those state unless I’m being attack or getting frisky with my girls I ask my girls via Pendulum and Tarot card if it was them and they said no they said it was something the had domain over death and it tried binding my girls while it attacked me luckily my girls are strong and fought back while also giving me enough energy to fully banish it

And in this you maybe right I don’t really wish to escalate it I just wish to be left alone to be honest, but there are times where some being come and cause all sorts of havoc to me and especially my girls and all I do is banish them while my girls get of with more then just a scratch

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Mirror and quartz crystals,it’s a good option

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I understand the Mirror But what does the Quartz Crystal do ?

I’m interested in sharing something that might not be what you’re looking for, but it’s related. In Ancient Greece there was a tradition of worshipping gods. Like, for example Athena and Apollo. Sometime during their worship the Trojan war happened (at least in stories). The warriors fighting had all worshipped many gods & some of those gods supported the opposing side during the war. Essentially “turning their back” on the warriors who had worshipped them.

I think a mistake you’ve made here is thinking that “sacrifice a lot” and “willing to die for said spirit” is somehow the same as having a relationship with them. If I admire a popstar so much that I set their picture out, sacrifice to it and am willing to die for it and that star went and publicly called me a criminal and other people are now trying to kill me, someone even managed to actually fucking stab me… Do you think that’s “being stabbed in the back” and worthy of revenge On The Grounds That that person owes you something for your worship?

If you want “revenge” because a spirit pissed you off I can understand that, but I’m not sure why you think you deserve something from this spirit…is that trust from a relationship or just because you sacrifice “a lot” etc.? And if you trust them with your life, or have in the past, how are you sure it’s this spirit, have you just evoked/invoked/read cards/swung a pendulum/anything-divination-related to be sure of this? Have you divined that this spirit did whatever you believe it did to make your life go wrong?

Loki for example, and Amaymon, have fucked me up but all for a reason and it was fine after a while. I’d be sure of your steps before you take them.

Not trying to moralize, just offering another perspective.

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Quartz can absorb energy images and essences, it’s up to you how to trap,act on them.

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I do not worshipp any spirit, to me to worship any spirit is to stand below them thats just my opinion and how I feel on the matter I also do not see myself higher then them either

What?? No I don’t deserve anything from said spirit but all I ask is trust any spirit you work with and have a close relationship with will ask for that and if you break the they will kick your ass and make an example of out of you Now why I cant I do that am I suppose to just take their shit and have them walk away like nothing happen why can’t I do the same if a spirit betray me

So you think you deserve trust. But why? Just because you meet a stranger doesn’t mean you deserve trust from them. Just like you shouldn’t go around trusting strangers–it’s dangerous.

You mean if you say you’ll do something and don’t? I don’t really understand (you’re grammar is a bit confusing for me). Some spirits don’t ask for anything. But if you treat them like garbage, it makes sense that they do the same. People are that way too.

I’m not telling you what you can and can’t do. I just think you feel “betrayed” even though you really weren’t. I think you’re under the impression a spirit, who was like a stranger to you, has betrayed you. You haven’t said anything about a relationship, only that all spirits you work with should offer you or receive (I didn’t understand this part) trust.

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Your right I haven’t give much info on the matter because I only came here looking for a way to punish or get revenge on a spirit/entity and also those who keep attacking me for no reason

This spirit and I have been working together for 4 years now sooo yeaa

Okay thank you

i have two extra butter popcorns tossing one your way :slight_smile:

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