Revenge For Humiliation and Lies

I wanted to say first how thankful I am for this forum because I feel more empowered to practice LHP Magick because of it.

I also acknowledge that there are other threads already on the topic of revenge.

I wanted to say that this week will begin the process of checking people off my “shitlist” who (before I practiced Magick five years ago) did incredibly uncalled for things to me like slander, Humiliation, harassment and even taking advantage of myself and my mom. (A family “friend” that credited a piece of shit car for way, way too much in her / my name when we thought we could trust him)

I definitely have bigger targets - sexual abusers - but that is another subhect, and an issue that first needs a more “healing” type of work before any sort of Black Magick - I know that I would feel better for it anyway.


I will be using a couple of different methods really, to see what works,

But I plan to work on one target from many angles before moving onto the next, because there’s really nothing like revenge on another person who openly humiliated you for virtually no other reason than jealousy. I want him to feel how I felt : feeling naked in front of everyone you know, everyone knowing your personal sexual secrets and even what STDs your wife has.

Ah… revenge will feel great, I know.

Of course I won’t be killing anyone or chasing them to be disabled as now these people are adults with families - but to humiliate them, slander them, cause their lives to feel hopeless and there is nothing they can do to stop it… that will be amazing!! Shit, I wouldn’t mind if they lost their jobs for no reason.


I will be using two few different methods to work on each target.

Pathworking from Lucifer and his Hidden Demons

Extremely effective and simple offering rituals from “72 demons of the name” by Baal Kadmon

I just wanted to share that I am so thankful that this forum exists, that there are others taking their lives back from being powerless and that hopefully this inspires others to do the same.

Physical confrontations result in hospital bills, jail, and in general, things I would regret. The power of Magick is invisible and untraceable… :skull_and_crossbones:


Share if you got result and share some insight with me as i also want to take revenge form some one who humiliate me and do me wrong

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Yes I got results. What do you think?

With enough hatred for the target, you can really hurt a person.

I don’t feel the need to get revenge on another person. In fact, after this person was hit with an attack, it effected his girlfriend, who was always nice to me and was super nice to me and I had to be around them many times and was in fact, very awkward


That’s something my father warned me about. We had been having trouble with this cousin of mine: the slander game, but they’d use the law to try to force us to move. We were always being harrassed by noise complaints, slanderous letters to the newspaper, etc.

So my father, who I wouldn’t say walked the left hand path but knew some things, cursed her house to catch on fire… and the neighbor’s house did instead. It was a warning story to me on being careful on where you aim, and to consider the consequences.

On that note I once aimed at an enemy of mine with the same intent and a friend of mine’s house caught on fire instead with her inside. Of course I found out later she was anything but a friend. More like a deadly enemy in my house, so maybe that one curse aimed true.


What ritual did you use to make the house catch on fire

I asked Pazuzu to hurt them