Reusing a sigil

Hey everyone… I have a question. If we made an offering (blood) on a sigil, is it okay reuse the same sigil or must we like draw another one? And if we have to draw another one, how do we dispose the previous sigil that has the blood on it? :thinking:

I personally burn the sigils and either bury the ashes or scatter them. I don’t reuse the same sigil ,though. If it’s for sigil magick (for a specific purpose) , I don’t ever make another sigil for the same purpose. I have found that it messes with the magick. If it’s for honouring a spirit , then I suggest you leave the offering for a few days and then burn it. Then draw another one.

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okay thank you… its for honouring a spirit, so when I burn it after a few days, should I bury the ashes as well or just leave it as it is?

That’s up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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alright :blush:

Do you mean reusing the pattern for another spell?
Then I see no wrong here.

I think she means reusing the actual sigil, not the pattern.

I would advice against that since it looks like it comes from place of lack. :wink:

I scatter the ashes into the wind, if there is any. Otherwise, I spread them out over the area. The important part was making the offering. None of the Deities I work with seem to care about what’s done with the offerings.

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alright, thank you.

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