Returning to the material world

Guys I need your help I suggested such stupid perceptions after a few years of studying the spirituality and occult etc. It seems to me more and more that I am moving away from the material plane and that I somehow stuck betwen astral and this world how to go back I suggested in my head such a crap stupid things.
I look around me and I thought This is all from atoms Everything Is energy…I Hope you know what I mean…:weary::weary::weary::weary:

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The astral is the realm of thought, imagination, and so forth. It goes hand in hand with the material but staying grounded in the materal/physical is doing simple things in regards to the physical, mundane things.


Ground. Stand on the earth in bare feet. Make a meal and eat it, go shopping in a physical store, go for a walk in nature. All these will drag you back into the physical.


Meditate with your back against a tree. Visualize yourself as the tree, with your roots going deeper and deeper into the ground


Root chakra work , connect with earth , the elements , spend time just letting go of your mind and doing physical things , balance is important or else you just go nuts