Returning Lover via demon?

So first off I’m new around here. I have branched from witchcraft to hoodoo over the years and I need some advice.

There was a man I was dating last year. He was separated from his wife and I from my husband. We quickly became best friends and started dating. His wife suggested me because of how close we were and how perfect we were together. I spent many nights at their place and it was weird when we’d go out and she would tag along. Guess she wasn’t ready to commit to the divorce she says she wanted so badly after all. We went to my mom’s for a week and he told my whole family how much he loved me, we talked wedding plans, guest lists, honeymoon and said he planned the whole proposal. While we were there, his wife verbally destroyed him to tears and I had to help clean up the remains. He swore he could never go back, I was his future, my family was nothing he ever had and needed… this was his new life and he was very excited to move forward with it. 2 weeks later he goes back to her because she manipulated the kids against him to get him to feel guilty and to go back. I’ve had MANY readings and all have said he isn’t happy, he wants to be with me. He’s told me with a few drinks in him that he never stopped loving me, he kicks himself all the time for the damage he caused me and my family, he doesn’t ever get what he wants, I got some I love you’s out of him etc…

I have 2 psychics I’m closest to who resonate the most and were most accurate with me and both said he is coming back. Actually all the readers and psychics said he’s coming back but these two were the most accurate in all aspects of my life not just this one.

I have burned more wax in the name of break ups, come back to me’s than I care to admit, obsession jar, ammonia jars… asking Expedite for help, getting help from Archangel Chamuel and some of his angels… I’m not seeing a change. I’m tempted to ask Belial for help but before I take on such a task, I want to know if he can help me first. Then if he can, what do I have to do just to say hello or what I would need to do. Part of me just wants to let things happen the way they were supposed to but I want to take some control and ask for help beyond my means. Any suggestions? I appreciate the assistance!

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All set! Thanks for letting me know!

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You can always tie the person and send it to your home address via post. It is faster.

What do you mean tie the person?

I was being sarcastic, but actually you could use sympathetic magic and create a doll representing the lover, and tie it to you, although I never recommend these sort of spells.

You never know whether you want that person tied to you.

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I feel ya, friend. It really sucks you find yourself in this predicament. In the name of Mysterious, I will just provide some good sense that a demon gave me a long time ago: “He probably isn’t worth it.”

This to me is a bit of a red flag. Even though they are getting divorced, the fact that they still chill that much together indicates to me that he’s still got strong feelings for her. I get situations are difficult when children are involved, but something about it doesn’t rub me the right way. I almost feel like you were being used (as someone who is outside looking in).

I don’t want to assume, so I must get the clarification: did she go with you guys to your mom’s or was it just the two of you? It’s not clear here and I want to make sure.

Not sure of the context, but it could’ve been intentional to try and ruin your trip. :woman_shrugging:

Women do this a lot. Had some experiences with this myself. Unfortunately, when it’s a good man, he’s going to choose his children every time over anyone else. The thing is, if his story to you were true, he surely should know that the legal system would typically support him in having some form of custody over his children with his ex. (Surprisingly, most men don’t think about this for some reason.) In the US, there is an advocate group called “Father’s Rights” that helps in situations like this.

I hate that he’s doing that to you. He can tell you all day that he’s miserable, but he needs to make a decision. It’s not fair to you and your feelings when he continues to see you after choosing to stay with her. I can’t help but feel like there is more to it than just the kids. Typically when people don’t want to take responsibility for their decisions, they talk like this. I only speak from experience.

I no doubt that he’s going to “come back” but in what form? It sounds like now he’s just stringing you along, and you deserve way better.

I won’t summons-steal from the big man himself, but I’ve had experiences with Mysterious that were basically like: “Yo, I know you love Joe but Joe doesn’t love you and honestly, kiddo why are you even chasing this dude still?”

Even if Belial brought him back fast, would you want to be with someone who doesn’t respect you? Of course, I’m completely disconnected from the situation, but this is my observation from your post.

If you still want to summon a demon, and have your heart set on it, you can use a summon ritual to bring about the demon of your choice. Usually using some enns or the like with a candle circle. There are a few good rituals here on the forum. There is also this one:

This has been my personal choice. I like the idea of “invoking” vs. “evoking” and he talks about it in detail before getting into the nitty gritty.

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Holy shit thank you! This LINK! I have been looking for a clear and concise recipe and here it is!!! I literally posted it a few hours ago as a topic. Sheesh!

But so I have to call on the 4 daemons of the elements ? I do understand calling the 4 elements in works but I dont want anyone to gather. I just want my daemon to be on the altar circle. My apt is small…building a large circle isnt going to fly.

Yes… You can definitely get your love back by using a demon. I usually just do jar spells/demon work together. I’ve never worked with belial but I worked with amon in the past and worked pretty well.
It sounds like your guy is still really close to this woman…

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Keep asking goetia spirits

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Would you be able to assist me in a similar matter? if so please drop me a PM, Yesterday I tried working with Sallos and waiting to see if anything unfolds

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