Returning Ex's clothes. Looking for a spell to put on it

Hi. So I am returning his belongings but I can’t find a spell to put on it to fix our relationship. He hates me more than anything now. Thank you to anyone who will give me tips!

Send him some reiki to his heart chakra and send him visualizations about what the relationship could be

Thank you for your response! . First time I heard of reiki.
Do you have a ritual for that ( it’s like asking for an app lol)

Well I gotta better idea , get into a theta brain state and touch his body all over in your imagination and really feel the sense of touch in your minds eye as you do whatever you want to him . If you charge it up with love he will feel it too , if it works you should enter into a trance and feel butterflies

A spell on his clothes will not do it , if he feels hatred towards you, also you should look to what makes him feel hatred to you with your intuition , and correct in his mind and your own vibration

Is this how I connect to his theta brain? Sorry first time to hear of this and I am very interested.

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Oh I know exactly why he hates me…

How do I correct it in his mind with my vibration

It can be accessed through a soundtrack on YouTube , lie down and and play the soundtrack for about 5 minutes just relax and focus on breath , then you can begin ; your basically influencing him on an astral level ; which is responsible for emotions , and if your vibration is high enough , you can sexually influence or please him

You can plant subconious suggestions on a target at night when they sleep , whisper in their ear in your minds eye and see them acting accordingly , until your intuition tells you you’ve done enough visualization and they’ve been Influenced

Saw this one. I’ll try it. Thank you

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If I had an ex who hated me (mine always come crawling back…), I’d stop trying to fix a relationship he was determined not to be in and get the upper hand.

If it was me, I’d take a page out of Medea’s book and enchant his clothes with a repulsion spell to deter other potential mates. :smiling_imp:

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Ohhhh that’s cool. Do we have that online? Some books are cursed not to be shared via pdf. This scares me when I used book online.

Yea I read about the spell you made. I’m curious on the impotence spell as I don’t understand the witches ladder style to tie it lol.

I don’t know one offhand; I usually write my own spells.

This page has a diagram of the way to tie the knots in the witch’s ladder (you will have to scroll most of the way down):

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