Return to Sender being Returned to Sender

What would or do you think could happen if a witch puts a hex on a witch. it gets returned back to them. the first witch gets the hex to return back. would the hex go back and forth to each witch? would the hex eventually land to one of the witches?


It will keep bouncing back until someone cracks imo

Elements are good too because they can destroy or dilute the energies sent to you.

It’s usually the more experienced practioner with stronger guides and stronger Magick who wins but not always. I had do deal with return to senders often but thanks to some important guides and a good technique, this shifted in my favor


Ime bounced spells are always lesser in oomph than the original, and after a couple of bounces it fizzles to nothing, or it ricochets and hits someone close to one of you who hasn’t got protections.

For me that means my targets gf absorbs most of the curse. However you can then course adjust, examine the results and change the next working to account for that in your intentions. Unfortunately when she lost her house the ex too her in and had to move, which was inconvenient for me, so if your target is like this be very careful as the repercussions can be a pain in the arse.


noted. as for the quetsion, it was rhetorical.