Retrying spells with positive energy

Hi my fellow BALGers (is that a thing for members of the forum).

Now I’ve had varying success with my magic. One or two things have worked well but the remainder didn’t.

I’m not ashamed to admit that it was a variety of love magic and arguably some baneful magic that did not work. The reason for this is I think simple. As many have said I was lusting for results and my magic was coming from a much better place.

Fast forward to today and I’m in a much better place psychologically. I think it’s fair to say I am living my best life. I say this not to boast but to explain the psychological differences between me in the past and me in the present.

So for all the spells that didn’t work and some of them were cast over a year ago from a place of great desperation and pain should I try recasting them especially because I’m no longer invested in the result and the main reason I want to cast them is too see if positive energy has a better result.

I know that by recasting them that is the ultimate expression that I doubt my magic but I’m more interested in attempting this as an experiment rather than seeing a positive result and secondly for some of these spells I haven’t seen any movement for a year plus.

I would like the views of my fellow BALGers

Well, I guess the first question I’d have is whether you did these workings with the aid of a Deity/Entity or on your own. You could ask this entity to cancel, nullify, or reduce the effects of it. I suppose you could still do this, if you found an appropriate entity willing to help.

Ok my own for some magic , using an entity for other magic

After spell magic, how do you know that it wasn’t a coincidence, e.g., perhaps you would have gotten what you wanted even if you didn’t cast a spell or perform magic?

I think most people omit the reading (divination) before a working. All work must align with the rhythm of life. If I perform rain magick in a drout unless I’m a super magician most likely I won’t get it. Read the ebbs and flow of life then put your weight were it would do most good or evil depending on the case. But doing a spell without proper guidance that is a reading is like slinging mud to a wall, some might stick but most likely it would be a messy affair.

Magick is coincidente control as Oberón Zell calls it. We tilt the balance. For most part he confirmation is a evident and intuitive. Realize that magick is an experiential art. It extasy in the moment it’s being worked and the worker is the one who experiences it the most. Prove it or deny it to your self.

That’s the first thing I thought (and probably many others) after getting my first results. But after a while, “coincidences” just pile up. And while magick will never have a 100% success rate, it’s hard to deny that it works. Sometimes in weird ways, yes. Sometimes one gets way more than asked. Sometimes it’s very subtle, I just realized the other day that something I did a ritual for is manifesting (it builds up) and can’t see when it started, but it did.

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How do we know that little clues are a part of a conspiracy theory when they could be coincidence?

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