Retrograde Planets: Something you should care about if you're facing blockages

Cant recall exactly how I got myself searching about retrograde planets, I was simply exmining my chart all of sudden, trying to make sense of it and how it is related to my life.

Looking around the web, I saw some people saying retrograde planets are basically our hell, but some other also claim they are aspects of our lives that we must give special attention to, bringing those energies much deeper to us than we bring the non-retrograde planets.

I liked that approach, I dont believe in evil, I believe every blockage, every obstacle is a doorway to a new dimension of power and wisdom and beauty, that is, Gnosis, and I’ve comprobated my point many times using the energy coagules of my “psychological defects” as such doorways. So I decided to approach these energies that way.

First, I found my retrograde planets through this site: (once you input your data and get your chart done, you have to click in “additional tables (pdf)”. Your retrograde planets will have a “R” in the longitude column)

I have Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Chiron retrograde. I wont get in details cause Im not a competent astrologer and its not relevant to the topic my chart, but these planets, specially Mercury and Venus have a great role in the play for me. I decided to go deep in those energies.

I started with Jupiter, despite the fact it was friday and thus day of Venus, I decided to work with Jupiter even so. I set up an Altar with green, yellow and white candles, a Jupiter Kamea, Sachiel sigil (he is the Archangel of Jupiter, but I read the wrong column of 777 and brought him to the altar as the Spirit of Jupiter, very dumb of me, I know, specially for I did the same mistake in both Venus and Mercury workings also .-.), Yophiel sigil, that is the Intelligence of Jupiter (this one I got right), my Magic Mirror to serve both as a condenser and a gateway, and a bowl with a mixture of coriander, rue oil and whiskey (I made this formula on my own, I found their notes to interact very well btw them, also, coriander seems a great jupiterian herb to me).

I “opened” the components of the Altar as one open a sigil, by gazing at them, then I conjured the whole Altar through the First Enochian Key and waited a few moments for the effects to take place. Once I found the atmosphere of the room attuned with the working, I started with energy manipulation, bringing and invoking Jupiter energies IN THE MOST BRUTAL AND BESTIAL MANNER AS I COULD. I could feel streams of energy disrupting and being reconstructed in my subtle bodies and I kept bringing those energies deeper and deeper and deeper untill I felt there was nothing more in the way. I felt a boom deep inside, and felt gigantic, superconsciouss. I knew I had attained what I was after. A breakthrough.

Saturday night I worked out Venus, same way, same mistakes, even so the results were also instantaneous and awesome, well, almost instantaneous, for I kept in work for more than 5 hours. I used seven candles, white and pink, and a bowl with strawberries, cinnamon and clove oils, chocolate and a Heinekken bottle aside. I set the candles forming a seven-pointed star, but in the midst of the working I inverted it to bring Venus energies down to me, as I was feeling it too aerial to my taste. When I was at the apex of the working, I wrote my name in a piece of paper crossing the name of a young chick I want to have a crush on soon and cast it into the bowl. Hell, Im even thinking about having a love life now, something that never crossed my mind before as I have been such a jerk my whole life. Success!

Mercury was the only planet I couldnt give much attention to as I had no spare time on Sunday. Nevertheless, I set up an Altar and performed a small Charging Act in a talisman I crafted for bringing Mercurial energy to myself. Another success! I enjoyed a great day with my dad and my family, and was very communicative, something I havent been for a looong while.

Long story short, find your retrogrades and other “bad aspects” and work them out.


Great post Diazin!
I’ll have to check that site out.
Might help me out too as I also tend to be very distant at times.
Very interesting!
Good work!

Retrograde planets in your chart don’t necessarily effect you in a negative way and can actually be beneficial depending on which planets or combinations you have. Retrograde in your natal chart often means that the qualities are more internal or taken on a deeper level than thise when the planet is in it’s direct transit.

Since you listed your Rx planets Diazin I’ll list some of the benefits

Mercury-Hates to be wrong or have incorrect information so one is much more thorough and quicker to double check both information received or passed on.

Venus-Not overly emotional and doesn’t wear their heart on their sleeve, can love deeply but doesn’t come off as needy or pushy.

Mars-Usually a good tactician as they look to compensate for weaker competitive tendencies and also are not as quick to anger or rage.

Jupiter- More prone to expand spiritually than on the mundane, usually a wise or old soul and a free thinker and spirit.

A couple links I like: that one has some wierd shit but the astrology is pretty good. it’s not overly indepth but keeps things simple and allows you to have a basic understanding.

I’ve been advocating on here for a long time people get a natal and adult charts made as they can provide excellent insight.

Cool info TWF, thanks for sharing. It seems like they are aspects of me that can only be accessed through effort though, its not something that came out naturally, so yeah, I still advicate working with them.

This post is very cool! I was looking for some information regarding intersecting planets and their impact on us. I remember, specifically, EA mentioning a move he did, and one of his co-workers mentioning the position of the planets prior to his move. He also mentioned the planets in another video as well. I think this is important because the energies at work will also affect the workings we’re doing. Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction. I’ll be reading more from our reference.

Astrological alignment is indeed a very important thing in magic and can empower your works dramatically. There’s a principle of magic named “Law of Point of Support”, which states that a energy or spirit becomes more powerful if it can be anchored in denser energies, the closer to matter they are, the more powerful they become. Thats why binding spirits and spells to objects makes their influence clearer and more powerful, and thats also why black magic tends to be more powerful than white magic, even though this is a gross generalization. Planets are basically points of support to anchor more generalized aspects of the Universal Archetypes, and apply them in a way pertinent to this solar system of ours. I say this because you cant expect Saturn to affect the whole Universe, but the Archetype it represents can affect Saturn greatly.

If you want to know more about this principle, get a copy of G.O. Mebes’ Major Arcana of Tarot. Its a inestimable treatise of magic, even though he tends to have a rather orthodox approach on the subject, many times way too orthodox to my taste, as one can notice in the Atu XVI, where he covers Evocation. He covers the Law of Point of Support in Atu II.