Retrieving objects

Well, Im not sure about this one but If possibly Id find it highly useful.
Is there some way through magick to retrieve small objects of mine , such as a ring, a picture, etc, lost or in possession of someone else?
If so, how?

The easiest way would probably be to manipulate cercumstances to have the object come back to you. Another more dramtic way would be to have the entity itself get the object and bring it to you. I know Faeries are supposed to be notorious for stealing stuff so I don’t see why other stonger entities couldnt do this too. But I’ve never tried doing that so I can’t say how well it works.

Theta-gamma down until comfortable and in the zone…

Ask where is the object…or where can I find it…then wait
until a picture…either astral or mental is shown…where it is or what happened to it…after several times doing this you will most always see it in full color like on a big screen.

Much practice at this will enable you to get a higher percentage at location of the object. You can tell a real difference after spending time on this. Sometimes upon awakening from sleep you will instantly see a picture of the object and where it is located after having asked…


I’ve used a pendulum to find things for me. I would suggest something like Maxx did. Get into the theta-gamma and such. Start asking your pendulum questions:

Is it in the house? y/n
|_ No. Is it near the house? y/n [n - will need deeper search, y - hone down]
|_ Yes. Draw a map, use the pendulum to narrow down the room, “is it in the kitchen?”, then the part of the room/house “which direction?”, etc.

Pendulums can answer questions, and can choose directions. Creative application of them can find many things and answers. And with enough effort, the diviner needs less and less tools for the job. Maxx’s is a more direct divination/seeing method and seems worth cultivating. But sometimes using props, such as pendulums and cards, can be a good stepping stone.

You know I remember awhile back I couldn’t find my passport. I didn’t want to get it printed again so I asked some entities to get it, I also asked them where it was. I had a bit of trouble making out what they said, but one of them said something about a file cabinet. I checked the file cabinets I thought this may refer to but it was in none of them. Later however it was found on top of one of the file cabinets I wasnt expecting it to be by. I don’t know if it was there all along or if one of them put it there though.