Resurrect the devout

Consciousness matters. The evolution of consciousness matters. Humans partake in this evolution by the cultivation of their own thought and feeling. Consideration if an effort. Work uses energy. Energy produces fields.

Genuine individuality expressed by humans are the powers and forms of the super conscious. For it is even said by some that the one utilizing the consciousness the most at that time is that respective godform for a time. Even other faiths practice that gods assume human incarnate through the actions of human beings. So the individual apprehending the now and actuating his own form in accordance with his own will in the now is the god.

To be taught is to not only be behind time and the now but behind another person’s now and stuck in their time from their past. So people are like the dead perpetuating fronts intentionally, being disingenuine, being cowardly through seeking the affection of others, being ignorant seeking the knowledge of others.

Some of US were first part of religious backgrounds. Sumate the conclusion pools. Initiate the thoughtlight. We truly loved the Bible and Jesus. We devoutly sought to learn of the fruit of the spirit and the answer to the question of man - How Shall We Then Live? Do not merely polarize or revert by rebellion alone but take forth all the spectrum of human prowess. That’s the key term to take away from this paragraph - Prowess.

The longing of a spiritual man produces fruit. Have you ever prayed in tears and longing? Have you ever felt the awe inspiring insurmountable grace which the Bible speaks of? Do not forget the powers which the Holy Spirit endowed you with by the power of God. See… when you have faith in God and remember Biblical passages that talk about how we inherit the throne of God through faith in Jesus Christ, then there’s no fear of exploring the abyss. God Himself “hovered over the face of the deep”. God Himself is “shrouded in darkness”. God is the essential mystery and power. That mystery and power our inheritance granted freely to us.

Some claim the Apostle Paul was actually the Anti-Christ. It was interesting to me how his teachings literally destabilized the entire region at that time single handedly. For the wives of the Romans were becoming Christians having been sick of being used by their husbands who were Roman officials. So local governments literally were being destabilized because rich whoring corrupt men weren’t getting laid anymore. What’s interesting to note about the teaching of Paul is his speaking on our “natures”. That’s a very precise term. Specifically, Paul spoke of how it were possible by self initiated God powered WILL, to change our very nature, even obtaining a new, resurrected heart… The reason many people claim Paul was actually the Anti-Christ is because he used to hunt Christian families and kill women and children in addition to being a Roman citizen, preaching the doctrine of predestination (being distinct from merely foreknowledge), and having claimed to have witnessed the descent and hear the instructions of angels.

Why am I talking about Christianity and such things in a forum like this? Because Christians have an original record of such notions as the utilization of will to self alter the nature, ascend to not only godhood but also the very handy work of GOD, to have conversations with all manor of beings, to have direct council easily obtained at all times simply by faith through the Holy Spirit, to traverse through alternate spiritual realms beholding spiritual creatures planes of existences, to learn angelic language, to hear angelic choirs, traversing and seeing through time, as well as very a fundamental picture of what God actually looks like and what the cosmos looked like before planets were formed. “and the earth was without form, and VOID”.

So, now for the other folks who are sick of reading all that! There are the devout and we are the authors. It doesn’t matter if people understand us or accept us. Gods and arrays of celestial beings hide to watch us work in private. They in fact marvel at our works. They in fact dream for us to be capable of beholding there’s so that they may inquire to us if they are worthy in our eye’s. For the human being is a very critical being…

The devout feel tremendously, dream distantly, wonder formlessly, perceiving with interest, respecting with fear, filled with awe and the raw powers of creations, guided by mysterious loving hands from all pantheons even God Himself, WE are the authors and the finishers, We are the dreamers of dreams, WE are the creators of the cosmos by our imaginations! Yes that was a one sentence paragraph :slight_smile:

Pantheons are personified forms of human nature, dramas, philosophical dilemma, consciousness stream, cosmic law, cosmic dimension, and essence. My challenge is this, to create your own pantheon based on this. Though, be careful as to what you create, for the mind is a very powerful thing!!! The key to staying safe is reverence. So simple…

Initiation of the attument - I met Anubis a few times. On one particular occasion I had gone to meditate. So I laid down and got into that state. After passing through the ‘flush phase’ I was actually somewhat shocked that he appeared before me suddenly. It were like an instance that I invited at it’s knocking. Though by my questions I could have questioned it’s reality into bits and mist. Yet, this time I allowed myself to follow this imaginary stream.

“Chill” … That’s all he said to me as he lounged comfortably on a sofa watching tv. Then suddenly I felt this thing inside my brain which I could raise and lower by my very intent. I began to lower it slightly but the Dark Lord spoke to me again and said, “don’t lower it too much for now”. Then he and his presence were gone. So I raised this thing which I felt inside of my brain. There were no rituals which I used, no chanting but by the power of reverence and devout interest, like that a child would have…

If at this point if I have still not captured at least a tiny bit of your interest then take just this peace - Any one individual is capable of creating great works, completing feats, accessing all consciousness streams, and ascending to a godly state. There’s not a tool nor even an utterance which is required but a SOUND that can’t be heard, amplified by the very assertion of will with love, wisdom, interest, and grace, by pure nature of the individual’s divine God given authority! Be curious. Fear things which aught to be feared. Love all. Love by the language of love of another.