As a new worker, what has been ways that those who have practice a while have seen provide steady results for as contacting and, petitions and results?


in the beginning results can vary dramatically and there is a lot of factor that effect that

depending on what you view the result to be and how close to what you believe it to be.

sometimes results can be had but there nothing like you imagined so you question if you where the factor.

then there is factors like the energy or direction you can given will vary more in the beginning because your unable to fully control the energy you able to devote.

so while a thought provoking question it is worth while considering the working in the round.

and things to look for are any weird strange or out of the ordinary. both in the target and in personal feelings thoughts and actions.


What do you mean the round?

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The complete explanation of the round was missing

“in the round” means taking all factors in to account