Hello everyone, i wanna hear your results in the magic…in how time you see the results of your evocations or rituals?
I perform a evocation and sign a pact with a demon two months ago but i dont see the results that i want to see…exist a form to accelerate this or maybe a multiple evocation help?

Thanks in advance and happy spring time ;D

I think it would help you to get a reading done to see if the demon intends to deliver on the pact, see if you’re blocking it somehow and so on.

Hearing other people’s examples won’t solve your problem and might give you a false sense of certainty (for example if someone’s had a pact delayed but deliver better than they thought or whatever).

JMO. :slight_smile:

Jajaja sorry for not to be specific I just wanna know you results to compare experience…for example I’m starting to hear the spirits like a human voice and not like a thought in my head that suddenly appears, but its only for a few seconds…is that kind of result that I wanna know

That’s in my experience totally normal, and so is the doubt about whether you’re crazy or imagining it. :slight_smile:

Keep a really good journal and log these things, and also review your journal regularly (ideally every month or so) to look back and spot moments when things that happened later made sense. I still struggle to remember to do this but every time I do, it blows me away how the smallest thing “back then” predicts a ton of significant stuff afterwards!

Something else I’m JUST geting tinto doing is an alphabetical index of names of spirits (I mean ones revealed who aren’t in any grimoires), words of power, and so on, it’s so easy to let them slip from your mind if you’re always doing new things. :\

What os Abra maloosis

What? :smiley:

Jajajaja i found a spell un internet and it said: abra maloosis,tell the coupleni said…and i don wanna know whats mean maloosis

Seems to be a break-up spell:

Abra maloosis, Tell the couple I said deuces, They do not belong together, Let them break up FOREVER!!!

So Mote It Be!


It’s listed in that format on 2 other sites - then, this:

[b]Abra[/b] \a-bra, ab-ra\ as a girl's name is of Hebrew, Arabic and Akan origin, and the meaning of Abra is "father of many; example, lesson; girl born on Tuesday". Feminine of Abraham. This name may also have originated from the time of the Ashanti Empire in Africa. Biblical: King Solomon's favorite concubine was named Abra.


Abra appears in a lot of magickal words, maloosis might have the same routes as “malevolent” etc.:


bad or badly; wrong or wrongly; imperfect or defective: maladjusted, malfunction
Word Origin
Old French, from Latin malus bad, male badly


That’s all I could find but maybe someone else can add more. :slight_smile:

:0 wow Lady eva thaks!!!